Patent published on November 23, 2023

New Patent Could Make Masimo Radius PPG a Portable Hydration Monitor

In the ever-advancing world of personal physical health monitoring, a new patent may be paving the way for users to get real-time information about their hydration levels. The recently published patent number US20230371893A1, described as a breakthrough in health tech, addresses this need using optical sensors.

The absence of convenient methods to monitor personal hydration levels remains a significant concern. Prolonged periods of dehydration can lead to severe health issues, such as kidney stones and even heatstroke. Current solutions like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) provide hydration assessments but come with a hefty price tag, a need for specialised operators, and burdensome, bulky equipment. Similarly, the dilution method, which comprises orally ingesting a tracer substance and awaiting several minutes to hours for results, is found rather tedious by many users.

This new patent, filed by Masimo, a global leader in noninvasive monitoring technologies, offers a user-friendly, highly effective solution. It proposes a body monitoring system, potentially embedded within the company's popular Masimo Radius PPG device. Without getting too technical, it essentially uses a specific kind of light that can gauge the water content in the body.

A comprehensive set of illustrations support the patent, illustrating various wearables and devices through which the technology can be applied. The technology allows possible integrations into commonplace devices like watches or finger sensors, bringing the solution closer to consumers' daily lives.

Imagine living in a world where hydration, so crucial, is as easily accessible as checking the time. An individual can simply glance at their watch during a workout and adjust their water intake accordingly. People in arid climates can continuously monitor their hydration levels, helping prevent dehydration-related health problems. Such handy access to health data could drastically change how we sustain our health.

However, it needs to be stressed that while this patent presents an exciting future possibility, it is currently just that - a patent. Its practical application or market appearance remains uncertain. Having said that, the prospect of such accessible hydration monitoring technology brings us one step closer towards comprehensive personal health management in this bustling digital age.

P.S: While patents are a stepping stone towards innovation, it's essential to note that not all patented technologies make their way to the market. So while the possibilities presented by this patent are exciting, we await how things turn out in reality.

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