Patent published on August 8, 2023

Helping Your Ads Find the Right Home: MEDIAMATH's New 'Smart Assistant' for Online Advertising

"MEDIAMATH, a prominent name in the field of online advertising, has recently secured a patent, US11720929B2, for a technology capable of revolutionizing online ad placements. This patent represents a 'Smart Assistant' that aids advertisers in choosing the optimal spot for their online advertisements.

Deciding where and when to place an online advertisement can often feel like taking a shot in the dark. To address this, MEDIAMATH’s new system works as an intelligent aide for businesses and individuals looking to place their advertisements online. It meticulously surveys all the available ad spots across various websites and uses an algorithm to determine the ideal placement for the ad. Apart from this, the system also partakes in an online bidding process to secure the selected spots.

The main highlight of this system is its integration capacity. It can combine data from different online advertising platforms and normalize the access irrespective of the source, be it Google AdX, RightMedia, Facebook, or Yahoo APT. This feature remarkably simplifies the process by providing a comprehensive and unified access point.

Additionally, this bidding system is built for large-scale operations. Some reports even suggest there could be over thirteen billion spots up for bidding on a given day. Notably, MEDIAMATH's system is capable of efficiently analyzing and handling large volumes of bids simultaneously without any performance hitches.

Moreover, the outputs from this system, such as the performance of the campaign and number of impressions, will be reported back to the ad servers identified by the user. This allows for a single point of access for all reports, making it a more efficient administrator interface.

The figures accompanying the patent introduce the architecture of this technology, including detailed diagrams depicting the network environment, computing devices, methods for integrating impressions, as well as the transaction environment. The figures also elaborate on how the system matches an ad with the right impression, analyzes, and normalizes data across multiple sources.

This technology is expected to be incorporated into MEDIAMATH's existing product, TerminalOne Marketing Operating System. It would be interesting to see how this patented technology reframes the landscape of online advertising.

However, it's important to remember that a patent does not necessarily mean the technology will make it to the market. It merely indicates that the company has the syndicated right to use this invention exclusively. The future of this 'Smart Assistant' in online advertising is yet to be seen."

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