Patent published on October 12, 2023

Patented Chat Assistant 'messageLOUD' Could Make Tech Chats Easier

In the fast-paced world of technology, being able to manage messages swiftly and proficiently is essenstial. As reliance on gadgets grows, users often find themselves trying to juggle communication on multiple platforms. This time-consuming process can become a challenge resulting in reduced productivity or missed important messages.

Enter a recent patent, US20230326457A1, seeking to tackle this issue, streamlining the process of interacting with your gadgets through a captivating invention - a virtual assistant that can send, receive and check your messages.

Traditionally, trying to figure out how to pair and manage multiple gadgets with a primary device which responds to voice commands has been problematic, often complex and perplexing. This is the challenge the patent is set to overcome.

The inventors have designed a system that facilitates communication between your primary device (like your mobile phone) and the assistant (such as Siri or Alexa). When you request the assistant to check or send your messages, it connects to a dedicated server which retrieves your messages or forwards yours to the recipient, accordingly.

As you can imagine, this could revolutionize the way individuals or businesses manage their messages. For instance, while driving your car, instead of dangerously trying to glimpse at your phone for an urgent text, one could just voice command the assistant to read aloud the message or even send one back. Alternatively, while cooking dinner, you won't have to stop kneading that dough to confirm a meeting for tomorrow; just tell your assistant to send the confirmation.

This solution, as outlined in figures provided in the patent, shows the core function as well as process diagrams on how this integration between a virtual assistant and server will work. All diagrams paint a simple and user-friendly design, further highlighting major benefits of this concept.

It's worth noting that while this patent certainly presents a promising future of convenient and efficient communication, it remains simply a patent at this stage. There is no certainty at this point that it will eventually become a marketed product. But we can remain hopeful and look forward to a potential lasting solution to our digital communication challenges.

In a time when technologies are vying to make our lives easier, innovations like these remind us of the exciting times we live in, where a command spoken to the air has the power to keep us connected in the most efficient way possible. Let's keep our fingers crossed that soon we can delegate the task of 'message management' to our always enthusiastic, virtual assistants.

P.S: The patent US20230326457A1 represents an interesting development in the virtual assistant technology. However, it is just a patent and there is no confirming assurance that this function will certainly hit the market. Until then, we can only anticipate and hope for more such innovations that make our digital lifestyles seamless and more productive.

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