Patent published on July 27, 2023

Meta Platforms Technologies Introduces Enhanced Peer-to-Peer Communication with Target Wake Time

Meta Platforms Technologies, an innovative technology company, has recently made an impressive introduction with the patent US20230239797A1, which focuses on enhanced peer-to-peer communication with Target Wake Time (TWT). TWT is an advanced technique that allows wireless devices to communicate with each other more effectively.

The idea behind TWT is to set a wake time for two wireless devices to communicate with each other. The first device sends a message to the second device to extend the wake time, so they can communicate better. This allows for increased efficiency in communication between these two devices.

In order to understand how this technology works, let’s take a look at a real-life example. Say you are playing a virtual reality (VR) game on your smartphone. In order to make the game as immersive as possible, the game requires the two devices (your smartphone and the VR headset) to communicate with each other frequently. If the two devices don’t communicate often enough, the game can become laggy and slow. With TWT, the two devices can agree on a wake time, so they can communicate more efficiently. This improves the game’s performance and the user experience.

The technology behind TWT was first developed by Meta Platforms Technologies and is now covered by the patent US20230239797A1. The patent outlines the systems and methods of TWT for peer-to-peer communication and details how two wireless devices can communicate with each other more effectively.

In addition to the improved communication between two wireless devices, the use of TWT has a number of other advantages. For example, it helps reduce the amount of power consumed by the wireless devices, which helps save energy. Additionally, TWT helps improve the reliability of communication between the two devices. This is especially useful in applications such as online gaming, where communication between the two devices must be fast and reliable for the best user experience.

Meta Platforms Technologies has made great strides in improving the communication between two wireless devices. With the introduction of the patent US20230239797A1, the company has opened up new possibilities for enhanced communication between two wireless devices. While there is no guarantee that this patent will eventually be implemented in the market, the technology is certainly a promising development for the future.

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