Patent published on August 17, 2023

Making Your Meta Quest Smarter: The Launch of Personalized Learning in Virtual Reality

New from the labs of Meta Platforms Technologies: a just-patented technology (patent number US20230260268A1) that's expected to make your Meta Quest experience smart, personalized and infinitely engaging. This fresh invention explores the realm of virtual reality but with an edge rooted in tailor-made learning for the AI which powers your experience.

Dubbed a "special system" in the patent document, it empowers computers with an exceptional skill. Making them more capable learners and enhancing their online task performance. This magic trick? The computer's ability to judge and identify new elements in the virtual gamut or 'target frames' and compare them against known, already stored elements dubbed as 'calibration frames'. This comparison enables the computer to anticipate what comes next, enhancing its intelligence and, by extension, your VR experience.

Familiar household gadgetry such as VR headsets and console systems cater to multiple users and deploy machine learning models for producing information for users and gaining insight on user behavior within the virtual environment. Developing these machine learning models tend to be complex, demanding time, processing power, and training data. This complexity poses a challenge to user customization because not all standard models fit the diverse needs of different users and the system may not always be able to train a model for each user.

Meta Platforms Technologies aims to overcome this challenge with their invention. The newly patented technology ideally equips your Meta Quest with a custom-fit experience for every user.

The patent document describes an array of detailed accompanying figures, from a perspective view of a headset in multiple forms (eyewear device and a head-mounted display) to system architectures of the online learning module, training and deployment pipelines, and examples of calibration frames and their applications.

But here's the catch. Patent US20230260268A1 isn't a product or even a tangible item. Rather, it's a method of processing information and a smarter approach in bridging the gap between technology and its users. And, although the patent is officially there, it doesn't necessarily guarantee that this cutting-edge technology will make it to the market or to your next Meta Quest. So, for now, we will have to wait and see if this promising invention does see the light of day, and if it does, it promises a promising leap in the journey towards a smarter, personal, more engaging Virtual Reality experience.

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