Patent published on February 13, 2024

New Patent Reveals Headset that Creates Surround Sound Using Display

META PLATFORMS TECHNOLOGIES, a leading innovator in the field of augmented reality, has recently been granted a patent for their groundbreaking invention: an artificial-reality headset with display-mounted transducers for audio playback. This patent, numbered US11902735B2, addresses a core problem experienced by users of artificial-reality devices - the need for high-quality audio without the encumbrance of cumbersome headphones or earbuds.

The issues arising from this problem are twofold. Firstly, traditional audio devices used in virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed-reality systems can be bulky, adding weight to the device and inhibiting portability. Secondly, these devices often isolate users from their surroundings and important sounds such as conversations or environmental alerts.

META PLATFORMS TECHNOLOGIES tackles these issues head-on with their innovative audio solution. The patent describes a headset equipped with a high-bandwidth transducer that utilizes the display as a diaphragm to generate vibrations. These vibrations correspond to the audio content displayed on the screen, effectively turning the display into a powerful speaker. In this way, the headset creates acoustic waves that reach the user's ears, providing a three-dimensional, surround sound experience.

Imagine watching a movie on your artificial-reality headset and feeling completely immersed in the audio as if you were in a cinema, all without the need for headphones. With META PLATFORMS TECHNOLOGIES' invention, the world of artificial reality becomes more seamless and integrated into our daily lives.

The benefits of this patent extend beyond entertainment. Artificial reality systems have the potential to enhance perception, memory, and cognition in diverse environments. They can augment interactions with others, both in the real world and virtual spaces. Additionally, these systems hold promise for educational and accessibility purposes, revolutionizing teaching, training, and aiding individuals with hearing or vision impairments.

The real-life applications of this patent are vast. In the augmented-reality headset design depicted in the figures, the absence of traditional speakers positioned within or over the ears allows users to engage in social settings while enjoying enhanced audio experiences. The directionality of the sound can also be controlled and sound leakage minimized, further enhancing the overall experience.

It is important to note that while this patent presents a remarkable innovation, there is no certainty that it will materialize in the market. As with any patent, the decision to develop and commercialize the technology lies with META PLATFORMS TECHNOLOGIES and their future business strategies.

In conclusion, META PLATFORMS TECHNOLOGIES' patent for an artificial-reality headset with display-mounted transducers introduces an exciting solution to the audio challenges faced by users of artificial-reality devices. By incorporating the display as a speaker, this invention eliminates the need for conventional audio devices, reducing weight and freeing users from isolation. If this technology comes to fruition, it has the potential to transform the artificial-reality landscape and shape a future where immersive experiences become seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives.

P.S. It is important to note that this article discusses a recently granted patent and there is no guarantee that the technology described will be available in the market. However, it represents a fascinating development and showcases the potential for advancements in the field of artificial reality.

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