Patent published on July 20, 2023

Microsoft's New Patent Simplifies Meeting Scheduling with Graphical Objects

Microsoft has recently made an exciting discovery that could make scheduling meetings a breeze. The Redmond-based technology giant has just been granted a patent for a way to schedule a meeting simply by placing a special object on the calendar.

The new patent, US20230230044A1, outlines a method to automatically schedule an event of a pre-selected type or duration with the start time determined when a special graphical object is placed on the calendar. This could be a huge game-changer for people who are constantly on the go and need to quickly and efficiently manage their meetings and appointments.

Managing meetings and appointments is a huge part of the daily lives of workers, but can often be a tedious and time-consuming task. Until now, users have had to open calendar items and perform a number of menu-driven tasks to create a new meeting or delete a meeting. This could take up valuable time and resources, and even lead to user frustration.

But Microsoft's new patent could change all of this. Instead of having to go through multiple steps to create or delete a meeting, all a user has to do is place a special graphical object on the calendar. The meeting type and duration will already be set, and the start time will also be determined.

In some ways, this patent could be seen as a way of bringing the physical world into the digital world. After all, it is common for people to use physical objects such as sticky notes or post-it notes to remind them of tasks or meetings. Now, Microsoft has found a way to bring this same concept into the digital world.

The patent also outlines a method to add additional information to the meeting such as an agenda, a list of attendees, or an invitation. This could make it easier for people to quickly and easily create and manage events on their calendar.

Microsoft's new patent could revolutionize the way we manage our meetings and appointments. It could provide a more efficient and user-friendly way to create and manage events on our calendars, and make it easier for users to stay on top of their schedules.

However, it is important to note that this patent is still in the process of being granted and there is no guarantee that it will come to the market or be made available to the public. Nevertheless, the patent is an exciting development and could be a major step forward in making calendar management a simpler and more efficient process.

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