Patent published on September 7, 2023

Microsoft's New Patent Might Make Cortana Understand You Better

There's an issue that's been irritating for many of us, particularly when talking to our digital assistants - the lack of understanding or failing to generate the precise response. No matter if it is Siri, Alexa, or Cortana, sometimes it feels like we're playing a guessing game rather than having a constructive discussion. This is the problem that the newly published Microsoft patent number US20230281389A1 aims to solve.

When we pose a question or request that doesn't match with any specific topic the chatbot has been programmed with, it results in a frustrating, seemingly endless dialogue. More often than not, the chatbot still fails to identify the appropriate response, leading to poor usability and overall performance. This lack of seamless interaction has necessitated a solution.

The technology detailed in Microsoft's patent, aptly titled 'TOPIC SUGGESTION IN MESSAGING SYSTEMS', offers a promising solution by improving the comprehension ability of chatbots. It entails a system that categorizes these difficult-to-address requests, subsequently proposing new topics for the chatbot to learn. As a result, the bot can better answer similar queries in the future, enhancing its communicative abilities.

Imagine a world where your digital assistant can beautifully keep up with your chatter. It cuts down your time and frustration and, above all, makes life a bit easier. You ask Cortana to find a recipe for 'Tomato Bisque.' Currently, she might come up with recipes for 'Tomato Soup.' However, with the implementation of this patent, she would understand the difference between the bisque and soup and provide the exact recipe you requested.

This advancement brings us a step closer to replicating human conversation in AI platforms, fostering better and efficient interaction. It also reduces the need for clarifying questions, simplifying the conversation and the processing task, resulting in an efficient use of the computing device. Not forgetting to mention, it lessens the memory needed and the amount of data transmitted over the network.

Lastly, in the spirit of transparency, it is worth noting this article discusses a patent, and there is no guarantee when or if this technology will come to fruition in the market. Nevertheless, it still stands as a testament to the endless pursuit of improving artificial intelligence for the benefit of us all.

P.S: The figures (from FIG 1 to FIG 8) attached with the patent provides a detailed overview of how this system plans to transform the functionality and interaction with chatbots, promising an exciting era ahead in the world of conversational AI systems.

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