Patent published on October 17, 2023

Microsoft's new Patent Could Simplify Saving Web Pages in Edge

Surfing the internet is a daily habit for billions of us, whether it's to catch up on the news, shop online, or research a new topic. It's easy until you lose your favorite webpage, or it changes its location on the internet - its "web address". Remembering or manually tracking all these addresses can sometimes feel like threading a needle in a haystack. This problematic issue was recently targeted by tech giant, Microsoft, in their groundbreaking patent US11789597B2, titled "Systems and methods for storing references to original uniform resource identifiers".

In plain terms, this snags onto the inconvenience we often face when a desired webpage redirects us to a new web address. This can happen for multiple reasons - identity confirmation, adjustment for particular devices, or simply because the address was shortened for easier sharing. Post redirection, if a user bookmarks the webpage, it causes issues later as the bookmark points you towards the old address, not the updated one. This predicament affects a huge number of internet users as it confuses the internet surfing experience and impedes easy access to information.

The new patent from Microsoft is aimed at solving this exact conundrum. It offers an enhanced method to save a website you like, ensuring you can easily return to it later, even if the website alters its address. A user can now have the power to bookmark either the old address, the new address, or both. This augments user control, improves internet navigation, and significantly reduces the chance of losing access to desired content due to web address changes.

This innovation stands to reshape our internet browsing experience markedly. Imagine planning a vacation and you find a perfect hotel on a travel website. You bookmark the webpage, but the next day the link redirects you elsewhere due to a website update. In a world where this patent becomes a staple, such obstructions will be a tale of the old times. You could bookmark both the original and new address of the hotel’s webpage, and seamlessly return to it anytime, unhindered. Spending hours retracing your online steps would no longer be necessary.

Now, although this invention opens up a promising vista for better internet surfing, it's essential to remember that it's currently a patent. This essentially means Microsoft holds the legal rights to this innovation, but it doesn't automatically ensure that it will come into market use. Patents are a way for companies to protect their inventions from being copied by others, and while they often lead to new products or features, it is not always the case. However, given the utility and the widespread need for it, fingers are tightly crossed that this invention will not just remain on paper.

In conclusion, while we will have to wait to see the manifestation of this patent by Microsoft, the potential benefits it could bring to our daily internet usage are enticing. From saving us the frustration of lost webpages to providing better control over the surfing experience, solutions like these continue to redefine the role technology plays in simplifying our lives.

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