Patent published on July 4, 2023

Microsoft's New Patent Revolutionizes Session Participation in Online Content Streams

Have you ever wanted to join your favourite streamer or game influencer in an online game? Well, Microsoft is making it easier for you to do just that. Microsoft Technology Licensing recently acquired a patent for a revolutionary new system that will make the process of joining an online content stream or game much easier. The patent is designed to help streamers manage session tracking and automated queuing of players. Essentially, the patent would give streamers the ability to send an invitation to all of their followers, allowing them to join in the stream or game session. The invitation will be sent to everyone in the streamer's follower base at the same time, making it easier and faster for the streamer to find people to join in. This also means that viewers don't have to search for the streamer's game or content stream, as the invitation will be sent directly to them. What's more, the patent also allows streamers to prioritize the queuing of users based on their characteristics. This means that viewers who are more active or have certain attributes can be put at the top of the queue, allowing them to join the game first. This could make it easier for streamers to find the right people to join their session. In addition, when the session ends, the guest player can be removed and new spectators can be added to the start of the next session. This makes it much easier for streamers to find new players to join in, as they don't have to search for them each time they want to start a new session. The patent is likely to revolutionize the way people interact with streamers and game influencers, as it will make it much easier for viewers to join in the fun. However, there is no guarantee that this patent will eventually make it to the market. Even if it does, it could take some time before it is widely adopted by streamers and game influencers. All in all, the patent acquired by Microsoft Technology Licensing is an interesting development in the world of online content streaming and gaming. It could make it much easier for streamers and game influencers to interact with their followers and could even open up new avenues for players to join in the fun. However, it is important to remember that this is still just a patent, and there is no guarantee that it will ever make it to the market.

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