Patent published on September 30, 2017

Microsoft has new plans for Hololens – making it a food inspector gadget

Out of all the cool things that you’ll be able to do with your mixed reality headsets, inspecting recipes and food items will become your favourite one. A recent patent filed by Microsoft reveals that mixed reality headsets (hololens in this case) will provide help you in knowing more about the food you’re about to eat.

People are more conscious about healthy eating nowadays than ever. The rise of health monitoring gadgets and similar features in smart watches is one indication of that consciousness. A survey of 30,000 people from 60 nations revealed that keeping a track of nutritional values, ingredients, etc is becoming a good obsession among new generations.

It’s not a surprising fact to see that obsession changing our gadgets too. Smartwatches and health monitoring wearables aside, mixed reality headsets are also not too far behind. A recent patent by Microsoft reveals anew ability of their mixed reality headset, Hololens.

The lens will be able to provide extra info about your meals instantly. It will also be able to tell you about special ingredients that you might be allergic to like, peanuts or raisins. Here’s an image from patent to show this feature in action:

You’ll also be able to keep a check of your eating patterns and stay sure of you don’t ruin your own diet plan. Messages like, ‘are you sure you want to eat the two big meals in a day’ might demotivate you from breaking your healthy eating rules.  

The patent also reveals some really impressive feature of these mixed reality headsets such as, social activities related to that food items. For an instance, if you go to a particular restaurant quite often, the headset will be able to tell you your previous experiences with a particular meal or food. Similarly, you’ll be able to know which of your friends had the same meal and their reviews and rating about that. Here’s another image from the patent demonstrating the same:

Interesting isn’t it?

Of course there will be instances where it won’t be able to recognise a meal and might not be able to tell you any information related to that. Microsoft mentioned this in their patent and hololens will ask the wearer for IDing the meal.

Augmented reality will play quite a big role in our sci-fi like future and you can picture this feature of hololens just another small step towards a giant leap.

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