Patent published on August 15, 2023

Microsoft Edge's New Feature Allows Safe Practice Uploads Before the Real One

In the bustling world of technology, MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY LICENSING is moving ahead of the pack, hinting at a new feature for its popular web browser, Microsoft Edge. According to a freshly unveiled patent, US11726843B2, the tech giant is planning on introducing a solution to one of the most long-standing issues computer users face - the limited control over file uploading.

Imagine trying to upload a file on a webpage - you may have the option to select a file to be moved to a remote server, which could be as easy as dragging and dropping, selecting from a dialogue box, or aiming to share a whole directory of files. However, once this ball gets rolling, stopping it or veering its course becomes all but impossible. You can't revise a file's name or content mid-process or decide that you'd like to ban certain files from uploading while allowing others.

An even more significant issue arises when it comes to client-side (end user) applications - activities performed on these may bypass the vigilance of the internet traffic authorities known as proxy servers. The repercussions for this can be serious: oftentimes, these servers are the only spark keeping user activity in line with policy rules set by administrators. Without the server oversight, users could unintentionally or otherwise break rules, such as uploading encrypted or restricted files.

Microsoft appears to be muscling up to tackle these issues with the new patent. The proposed solution involves a system that allows a computer user to make a “mock” upload before the actual upload process. In essence, it's a rehearsal or practice session for the real thing. This means that before you send any files over the all-encompassing “cyber-fence”, you can play out the operation first to see how it would work in reality.

With the help of the specially designed system, which according to the patent’s figures constitutes different methods of implementing and executing the mock upload event, you can intercept a received upload event, make modifications, and apply logic to the upload protocol according to your needs. The system enables users to maintain control over their file uploading operation and enables proxy services to enforce policy rules on user activities.

It's an enticing proposition to be sure, and one that could help Microsoft Edge stand out in the competitive world of internet browsers. However, it’s important to remember that this is just a patent for now. Its actual execution in the market is no guarantee. After all, the road from patent application to widely available product can be a long one. Nonetheless, it's exciting to see Microsoft's daring plans to innovate in the digital realm, continually shaping the way we interact with our virtual worlds.

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