Patent published on September 28, 2023

Multinarity's New Patent: XR Glasses could Enhance Video Calls

Multinarity, a company known for its breakthroughs in extended reality, has just earned the patent US20230308609A1. The title, 'Positioning Participants of an Extended Reality Conference', may sound complex, but its idea is as simple as it is revolutionary.

Usually, one has to choose between mobility and screen size while using a computer. A desktop offers a larger screen but lacks mobility, while a laptop offers mobility but with a reduced screen size. Using a docking station resolves this crisis partially. It allows laptop users to connect with other devices, enjoying larger monitor visibility. However, this solution is also stationary, restricting mobility. And the freedom of moving around while using a large screen remains an unfulfilled dream.

The new patent from Multinarity aims to solve just that. The company has created a special pair of glasses, nothing short of remarkable. These aren't your typical glasses; they're what we can call 'reality-altering glasses' that can sense and understand its surroundings. These glasses are a lifesaver for those who need to be on video calls frequently. It can detect suitable places to display the images of the people you are talking to and ensures that there aren't things obstructing the view. This leaves one free to move around during a video conference, breaking the confines of a desk.

Imagine the new world of possibilities this technology opens. You can assist your child with homework while still being focused on your video conference. Or perhaps, you might choose to walk around in your backyard, staying engaged in your work meeting, all the while taking in the fresh air and the vibrant flowers. All you need are these glasses developed by Multinarity.

The delight doesn't stop here. The glasses enhance productivity as it provides an avenue to extract participant information from a video conference and locate a virtual representation of that participant in the physical space.

However, bear in mind that this patented technology has not entered the market yet. Like every new product and invention, there's no certainty of when it will be available for customers. After all, a patent simply offers a legal right of creating, using, selling an invention for a particular period.

Should this product hit the market, it has the potential to revolutionize the way we perceive video conferences - because who wouldn't love the freedom and flexibility of accessing large screens for work from anywhere they want? A new chapter of work from anywhere is on the horizon!

The patent 'Positioning Participants of an Extended Reality Conference' might seem like a step into the world of science fiction, but it is a significant leap toward turning fantasy into reality. It has the potential to bridge the mobility-screen size gap that has long troubled computer users. And if successful, soon, video conferences might look a lot different and a lot more efficient than they do today.

PS: It's pertinent to note that this is a patent, and there is no guarantee if and when it will appear in the market.

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