Patent published on December 7, 2023

Patent Might Simplify Buying Naver Webtoon Coins

In a world of today where digital currencies rule many realms of entertainment and content consumption, a new patent titled "Payment Method and System for Purchasing Digital Currency" (US20230394447A1) aims to address a core issue faced by consumers globally - the often interrupted and cumbersome process of purchasing digital currencies.

Picture this, you're an ardent fan of a digital comic on the platform NAVER WEBTOON. You're in the middle of a gripping episode when suddenly you're out of coins, the digital currency you need to access further content. That's not the problem, though. The real hitch arises when the payment profile pre-registered to your user account isn't working, and you need to make a one-time payment. Add to this, the possible system delays or service checks, and you're left hanging in a cliffhanger - both in your payment system and your comic storyline.

The patent, filed by NAVER WEBTOON, presents a solution that seamlessly integrates automation into the user's coin buying experience. Think of it as setting up rules for your digital wallet. When these conditions are met, such as your coin balance running low, or a new episode being available, the system will trigger an automated process that purchases digital coins. Amidst other features, the patent also offers various payment types and conditions, giving flexibility to users to choose an option that best suits their spending preferences.

So, how would our daily lives look if this patent enters the stage? Consider our previous comic reader. With this new payment system, interruptions have become a thing of the past. As our reader approaches the cliffhanger, the system checks her coin balance and recognizes it's low. Simultaneously, it initiates a coin-purchase transaction based on her pre-set rules - maybe she wishes to refill coins whenever she's below five, using her credit card. The purchase happens in the background, the coins get added to her account; she clicks to read the next page without any disruptions.

While the convenience for individual users is worth noting, the ripple effect could significantly impact content providers as well, as this system could encourage more consistent content consumption and thus enhance revenue streams.

Of course, it's crucial to remember that this is merely a patent for now, with no certainty that it will soon enter the market as a tangible product. But regardless, it brings forth an intriguing glimpse into what the future might hold for the digital currency markets in the entertainment industry - a world of seamless reading without any ad-break-like interruptions.

P.S. It's important to remember that it's only a filed patent at this stage, not a certain reality. The day you can binge on your favorite webtoon episodes without payment interruptions might still be in the realm of the days to come. But, with advancements like these in digital cash automation, we seem to be steadily heading there.

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