Patent published on September 21, 2023

New Patent: Naxos Alert App Could Make Urgent Messages Stand Out

In an era where digital communication has woven itself into the very fabric of our daily lives, the inundation of electronic messages we receive on a daily basis can make it hard to single out the truly urgent ones. Cutting through the noise of this digital landscape is the problem that the recently published patent, US20230300237A1, aims to address.

This quandary of distinguishing critical messages from regular communications has significant ramifications. In instances where an emergency notification gets lost in a sea of insignificant messages, delays in response can result in adverse situations. This problem is further aggravated when the recipient's phone is muted, reducing chances of the urgent notification being noticed promptly.

To combat this issue, the patent presents a unique solution – a mobile phone and associated method that generates a distinctive alert sound for urgent messages. Even when users have their phones on silent mode, the alert ringtone will make a muted sound that is detectable but not disturbing to ensure they are made aware of an urgent situation. This is thanks to the inventive 'Naxos Alert App' outlined in the patent.

The Naxos Alert App is unique in its ability to provide a discernible and adjustable alert sound without creating excessive disturbance in the environment. The discernibility of the alert ringtone is continuously checked and updated based on an array of factors, whether it's location changes, updates in association between ringtones and messages, or changes in the stored ringtones in the phone's memory.

Following the activation of this patent, the world can expect to see an improved culture of emergency communication. For instance, in a scenario where a loved one has a medical emergency, and the hospital is trying to communicate with next-of-kin, the app will ensure that the message is delivered and appropriately flagged as urgent, thereby drastically increasing response times. The use of special alerts for ‘urgent’ messages will also be tremendously advantageous in situations of natural or man-made disasters when immediate action is required.

P.S. While the patent certainly bodes well for streamlined communication, it's worth noting that the actual implementation of this patent in the market is subject to a host of factors ranging from feasibility to market dynamics. Just as with any patent, there's no sure-fire guarantee that it will materialize in the form of a tangible product in the market in the near future.

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