Patent published on October 19, 2023

Patent Poised to Improve Online Ads with Neal Harley Landers' Decentralized Platform

Today, we delve into an intriguing patent that aims to reshape the realm of online advertising. The patent is titled "Combining Online User Activity with Advertisements for Distribution on a Decentralized Network" (US20230334534A1), spearheaded by Neal Harley Landers. Simply put, it's a system designed to blend online user activity such as videos and smartphone games with targeted ads.

Currently, businesses are in a constant pursuit of finding new and effective ways to deliver advertisements to their audience. This problem exacerbated with the rise of blockchain technology and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), especially in realms like online gaming. There is a need for a system to embed advertising within these online environments, making it a more seamless part of the user experience.

This particular patent grapples with these challenges, offering an innovative solution. It uses a system that tracks user behavior and selects ads accordingly, leading to a more bespoke ad experience for individual users. This isn't your everyday ad system. It goes a step further to guarantee the safety of these ads and use blockchain technology for distribution. This revolutionary system's benefits are twofold: advertisers get elevated visibility, and users get an enhanced, more personalized online experience.

Once implemented, this breakthrough could have a profound impact on how the world experiences online advertising. Rather than having ads interrupt your online activities, they would be subtly incorporated into your online gaming or video experience. For example, while playing your favorite game on your mobile phone, you might encounter advertisements that blend into the game environment itself. This could range from billboards within a racing game to customized character outfits.

This transformation has the potential to make online ads less intrusive and more effective, opening doors for content creators to gain substantial financial rewards. Consequently, this could motivate more engaging content, generating more ad views and revenue for creators.

Please note that this invention is patent-based, and it isn't guaranteed that it will come to fruition in the market. Like with any patent, this is dependent on various factors, including the inventors' ability to successfully turn the patent into a functional product. But if realized, it promises to revolutionize the relationship between online ads, content creators, and audiences. The figures help envision what the invention looks like and can provide a basis for understanding how it could potentially work.

Therefore, whilst this patent shows promise in transforming online ad distribution, it is essential to remember its status. It is a stepping stone on the path to potential market adoption, subject to various factors - the actual product and its applications could ultimately look different.

In a world where technology is advancing at the speed of light, this innovative patent nods towards a potentially more integrated and personalized future of online advertising. And perhaps a world where the interruptive ads, which we've all come to mildly despise, become a thing of the past.

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