Patent published on July 20, 2023

Nextern Innovation's Wearable Compression Therapy System Takes Therapy On-The-Go

Living with an injury or disease can be draining and tedious. From the constant check-ups to the consistent medication, it can be hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle around it. Nextern Innovation, a company that specializes in creating technologies that can help with health-related issues, has recently released a patent for a revolutionary compression therapy device that could make life a little bit easier for those dealing with physical ailments.

The patent, numbered US20230225929A1, outlines plans for a garment that features inflatable chambers. The chambers are controlled by a pneumatic engine, which can be connected to a power source or be controlled remotely by a mobile device. This makes the device untethered, allowing the user to take it anywhere.

The idea of a wearable compression therapy system is not a new one, but the real innovation of this patent is in the power mechanism. The pneumatic engine will allow the pressure of the garment to be adjusted to fit the needs of the user, meaning that the user can receive therapy from the comfort of their own home or be on the move and still receive therapy.

The purpose of compression therapy is to reduce swelling, pain, and muscle spasms. It can also be used to reduce the chance of forming a blood clot and to improve circulation. This technology is beneficial to those with an injury, as it can provide a way to accelerate healing. It can also be used to reduce the amount of pain felt by those with chronic conditions like diabetes, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

What sets this technology apart from other forms of compression therapy is its mobility. Traditional compression therapy usually requires the user to stay in one place, as the compression wraps or bandages need to be adjusted in order to achieve the desired effect. With Nextern Innovation's wearable compression therapy system, users are no longer limited to one place, as they can take it anywhere and receive therapy on the go.

The patent also outlines the use of sensors that can be used to track the user's vital signs and provide feedback on their progress. This is a great tool for doctors, as they can monitor their patient's progress in real-time without the need for the patient to come into the office.

The patent also provides details on how the device can be powered. It can be powered by either a power source or a remote control device. This provides the user with the flexibility to use the device in any situation they may find themselves in.

While this patent is an exciting development in the field of compression therapy, there is no guarantee that it will ever come to fruition. It is possible that the technology may never make it to the market, as patents are often filed and never acted upon.

Nextern Innovation's patent is an interesting development in the world of compression therapy and could revolutionize the way we treat injuries and diseases. It provides a way for users to receive therapy on the go, and the use of sensors and remote control devices could make monitoring progress easier for doctors. While it is too early to tell if this patent will make it to the market, it is certainly an exciting development that could benefit many people.

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