Patent published on October 17, 2023

Nice's Patent Might Make CXone Understand Customers Better

At the heart of a successful business lies the ability to understand its customers. In a world that is rapidly digitizing, analyzing customer interactions with businesses has become a daunting task. Diving deep into this ocean of customer interaction data to find meaningful patterns is not just tedious but requires advanced technological help. This is exactly what Nice's new patent is all about. Filed under the number US11790380B2, it aims to simplify the process of unraveling the complexity inherent in large volumes of customer interaction data.

The primary problem lies in bridging the gap between a business's plans and the actual customer journey. Often, there is a significant disconnect between these two perspectives. This can lead to a lack of understanding of the customers' needs and subsequent planning failures. Policymakers might find it challenging to strategize without having an accurate picture of the customers' experiences.

In response to this difficulty, Nice filed a patent to resolve this challenge. The patent titled "Systems and methods for finding an interaction subset within a set of interactions" presents a unique solution. It guides us through the sea of data, picking out significant interactions based on certain criteria such as a minimum rating or frequency of occurrence.

This methodology promises more efficient data analysis. By identifying and focusing on key interactions, businesses would be able to better understand and cater to their customers' needs. Additionally, it allows businesses to avoid wasting resources on unproductive interactions. In essence, it acts as a selective filter, cherry-picking the interactions that truly matter.

Imagine a world where businesses could understand their customers better. A world where interactive platforms like CXone could cater to each customer's needs accurately and efficiently. That's exactly what this patent offers. It could revolutionize the way businesses interact with and understand their customers. For instance, an online retail giant could use this technology to identify and address issues faced by customers during the checkout process, or a telecommunication service provider could improve their services based on common complaints identified through this patented system.

Despite its immense potential, it's important to remember that this technology is still in its patent stage. While it holds the promise to drastically improve businesses' understanding of their customers, there is no guarantee when or even if it will enter the market.

P.S. Patent No: US11790380B2, "Systems and methods for finding an interaction subset within a set of interactions," presents a promising future for businesses, with potential breakthroughs in understanding customer interactions. However, as a patent, there's no guarantee it will be readily available for market use.

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