Patent published on October 26, 2023

New Patent Could Let NICE Engage Platform Respond to Online Criticism

In the world of social media, any negative comment can sway public perspective, bringing potential harm to businesses and individuals alike. The challenge of managing these negative comments is like herding digital cats — unique, rapidly spreading, and, at times, armed with claws. A new patent, US20230342864A1, may have the solution.

So far, organizations operating call centers could only identify and assess customer dissatisfaction either from direct interactions or from call-center analytics. Negative comments or complaints that seep into online public forums, product review sites, and social media channels remained unchecked. Although these organizations didn't have the necessary insight about the discontent brewing online, the negative chatter was potent enough to tarnish reputations.

The patented system US20230342864A1 tackles this problem head-on. It is essentially a computer program designed to monitor social media for any unfavorable mentions about a person or a company. Upon detecting such content, it sends an automated response to the person who posted it. The system can reply to the message or initiate a phone call – all automated, not requiring any human intervention. This method for detecting and responding to negative content in social media and other online forums was a necessity.

The inclusion of such a patent could revolutionize call center and automatic human-computer interaction technology by integrating broad aspects of client and content management. The system of monitoring social media and promptly recognizing and responding to negative content provides streamlined procedures, enhancing client relationship management. The threshold of call center functions would transcend beyond their immediate communications, reaching out to irate clients in a fully automated way, thus preventing unattended dissatisfaction from boiling over online.

The future of this solution could be a game-changer. Imagine you have a problem with a product, take to Twitter to vent your frustration, and promptly you receive a message or a call. It's your trusted brand reaching out to solve your problem. This timely communication could turn a negative experience into a positive one, reinstating your trust in the brand. This technology could indeed be a new-age tool for excellent customer service.

However, it is important to remember that as innovative as this sounds, it is still a patent (US20230342864A1). We cannot guarantee when or if it will hit the market or the level of effectiveness it will present. The world of technology continues to bound forward, leaving us to grapple with the complexities of man-machine interactions.

P.S. Remember, a patent is merely a right to an invention. Its presence in the market takes things beyond the schematic diagrams (like FIG. 1-7), and is at the discretion of the inventing company.

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