Patent published on August 10, 2023

New Tech from ONCOMFORT Measures Pain and Anxiety Levels, Promising Easier Management with Digistress Solution Suite

With a fresh infusion of technology, our future encounters with the ordeal of pain and anxiety could be different. ONCOMFORT, a tech company specializing in pain and anxiety management technologies, has recently published patent US20230248294A1. The patent outlines an innovative approach that is reforming the way we deal with anxiety and pain management – the Digistress Solution Suite.

Pain and anxiety are subjective experiences. Our understanding and management of these conditions traditionally relies heavily on the patient's self-reporting. However, this approach has its drawbacks. The level of a patient's anxiety or pain is influenced by numerous factors and their self-reported state can often be misleading due to subjective biases. This brings a need for a more objective and efficient methodology to measure a patient's anxiety and pain levels.

Enter ONCOMFORT's recent patent, promising to bring forward a new solution to address this pressing problem. This patented technology is in the form of a computer program that, like a skilled doctor with an intuitive sense, can accurately assess a user's level of anxiety and pain. IT does this by analyzing specific brainwave patterns.

A closer look at the patent illustrations shows exactly how this works. Figures like FIG. 2 and FIG. 3, for instance, show the correlation between specific combinations of brainwave frequencies and self-reported levels of anxiety and pain. Through its analysis, the computer program can then provide a more objective measurement of one's level of anxiety and pain, this can be especially beneficial in situations where verbal communication with the patient is not possible or difficult like in the case of children or adults with disabilities.

What sets the Digistress Solution Suite apart is the thoughtfulness in its design. It not only measures the level of anxiety and pain but also provides useful information for managing these conditions. The technology aids in diagnosing accurately, formulating safer treatment plans and assessing the effectiveness of treatments. If doctors can know when anxiety levels are too high or when pain is difficult to manage, they can tweak their treatments accordingly, potentially reducing the risk of mishaps such as overdose or undertreatment.

It's important to note that while the patent paints an exciting future for pain and anxiety management, it's still just a patent – a promise of development. There's no guarantee as of when, or if ever, this technology would make it to the market and into practical clinical use. But no matter how long it takes to materialize, this technological development signals a hopeful future for patients and caregivers alike. Technology like this could revolutionize our approach to anxiety and pain, turning the ordeal into a more manageable experience.

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