Patent published on October 26, 2023

Patent Promises Livestock Vision AI Could Enhance Animal Tracking

In a world where manual tracking of livestock often proves to be an arduous, time-consuming task, a new patent, US20230337636A1, seeks to change the game with its innovative solution - a computer-vision based Artificial Intelligence (AI) system for identifying, tracking, and managing animals.

The traditional ways of tracking animals, such as paperwork and tagging, have several inherent problems. These methods are cumbersome and do not scale well for managing large numbers of livestock. Add to that, about 50% of tags typically get lost due to various reasons such as harsh winters and animals brushing against trees. Nevermind the stress it causes on the animals who has to be physically immobilized for any evaluation.

This new patent developed by 'One Cup Productions' utilizes AI and computer vision technologies, enabling it to identify and track animals in a ranch or feedlot with ease. The system's use of AI means it can predict with a certain level of confidence the types of animal and their location within the image captured. This can potentially elevate the standards of livestock management on a global scale.

In the near future, ranchers might not have to worry about lost livestock or unidentified animals. This patented technology could offer them a plain sailing way to keep tabs on their herd without requiring any physical tagging or paperwork. Beyond farm animals, this method could also find utility in wildlife management, benefitting scientists, and environmental researchers. It potentially could aid in tracking endangered species, ensuring their safety and survival.

This groundbreaking technology does not just solve the problem of identifying and tracking animals. It effectively addresses issues revolving around processing efficiency and consistency of identification results by capturing images from various angles. In other words, even if some animals are obstructed from view in a certain image, they might be visible from another angle. This ingenious solution reduces the issues of animal occlusion and gives reliable animal identification results.

Can you imagine living in a world where livestock management no longer requires you to chase after a cow with a tag in your hand? Or where keeping track of endangered species in the wild does not involve the tough task of affixing tracking devices on them? That's exactly the world that this new invention promises. From cattle ranchers to wildlife researchers, the influence of this groundbreaking system is poised to be far-reaching.

In conclusion though, while this patent holds promise, it's important to take into account that a patent is merely a right to an invention and doesn't necessarily mean we'll see it in the market any time soon. It will be interesting to track the future developments on this front.

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