Patent published on July 18, 2023

Revolutionizing Online Marketplaces: A New System for Seller-Financed Transactions

The world of online marketplaces is revolutionizing the way people shop and sell, and one company is at the forefront of this change. Mark V. Dziuk has created a new system for online marketplaces that allows buyers and sellers to negotiate payment and seller-financing terms, and provides trust profiles and trust scores for users to evaluate one another.

The system, protected by US Patent Number 11,704,710B2, is designed to make online marketplaces more efficient and user-friendly. Through the system, buyers and sellers can easily search for goods and services, select from multiple sellers, and then negotiate payment and seller-financing terms. This helps to create a more even playing field and allows buyers and sellers to benefit from more competitive pricing and better terms.

Once the transaction is complete, buyers and sellers receive coins to reward successful transactions. This encourages buyers and sellers to use the system more frequently, creating a more vibrant marketplace. The coins can also be used to purchase special offers from sellers, providing buyers and sellers with additional opportunities to save money.

In addition, the system creates trust profiles and trust scores for users, allowing them to evaluate one another. This helps to create a more secure online marketplace and gives buyers and sellers more confidence when engaging in transactions with one another. It also helps to reduce fraud and other forms of malicious activity in the marketplace.

The system also offers a wide range of features for buyers and sellers. For buyers, the system includes a wish list feature that allows them to easily search for and compare products and services, and a personal assistant that provides personalized recommendations based on their preferences. For sellers, the system includes a seller dashboard that allows them to manage their listings and transactions, and a store builder that helps them to quickly set up an online store.

The system is designed to make online marketplaces more efficient and user-friendly, and provides buyers and sellers with the tools they need to successfully engage in transactions. While the system is currently protected by US Patent Number 11,704,710B2, there is no guarantee that it will eventually come to the market. However, it is clear that Mark V. Dziuk's system could revolutionize the way people buy and sell online, by creating a secure and efficient marketplace that is beneficial to both buyers and sellers.

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