Patent published on October 26, 2023

Patent Promises Oracle Digital Assistant Could Streamline Robot Communication

In today's rapidly evolving technology landscape, one area of significant growth is that of "bots," or robots programmed to perform specific tasks. These bots, integrated into various systems or channels, enable large corporations to streamline processes and increase productivity. However, one problem has been a significant hurdle: each bot has to be individually fine-tuned to communicate with each channel. A recently disclosed patent by Oracle International, patent number US20230344785A1, aims to address this challenge.

To grasp the depth of the problem, consider an enterprise spanning across various departments and regions. Each bot needs to be tailor-made to correspond with each specific channel. Every time a new channel is added or an existing one is altered, the bot needs to be reprogrammed, a process that's time-consuming and costly. Imagine having to constantly update the language dictionary every time a new word was added - tedious, isn't it?

Oracle's new patent, titled "BOT OMNI CHANNEL COMMUNICATION SYSTEM," presents a solution akin to a superhero manager for bots. Operating within the Oracle Digital Assistant, this bot manager receives a message from a bot, comprehends the correct format for it, modifies the message into that appropriate format, and then delivers it. It's almost like having an adept translator catering to these bots' needs.

Considering the core of the obstruction lies in the constant need to recalibrate bots to 'speak' different channels - think of it as learning to communicate in a different dialect each time - Oracle's patent seems to address this resource-intensive task head-on. In a nutshell, this bot manager type invention empowers bots to instinctively understand and adapt to different channels, eliminating the requirement for continuous manual reprogramming.

Now, envision a world where this problem has been conquered. Enterprises would operate more smoothly, with bots seamlessly communicating across different channels, reducing operating costs and improving efficiency. A bot, for example, could be asked by a human operator about the status of an order, and it would deliver the required response in a conversation-like interaction.

This innovation promises a streamlined workflow where bots operate in unison with varied channels, deciphering and using their 'languages' without having to be reprogrammed every time. Not only does this save time and resources, but it also simplifies the process of integrating new bots and channels into the system.

In conclusion, Oracle's new patent is like a linguistics course for bots, enabling them to instinctively speak different channel 'languages'. It promises a world where bots work seamlessly with multiple channels, navigating the 'linguistic' landscape like polyglot professionals.

However, as a closing note, it is worth reminding our readers that the disclosure remains a patent. While it holds intriguing and thrilling potential, there's no guarantee whether or when it will make its way to the marketplace. But the vision it paints - of an orchestrated ambience where multiple bots converse in polyphonic harmony across several channels – definitely inspires excitement for the future.

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