Patent published on February 1, 2024

Pregnancy Ring Patent Helps New Moms with Stress and Sadness


In an effort to support pregnant women and new moms who may be struggling with stress or sadness, a groundbreaking patent has been recently published. The patent, titled "Prenatal, Perinatal, or Postnatal Mental or Emotional Distress Identification and Prediction," aims to address the core problem of undetected emotional or mental distress during this crucial time in a woman's life.

The patent, with the number US20240032836A1, introduces a unique system that utilizes wearable technology to monitor the body temperature of expecting mothers. By collecting data over a span of several days and comparing it to the individual's normal temperature range, the system can identify any significant variations that may indicate heightened emotional or mental distress.

One of the issues that arise in addressing emotional or mental distress during pregnancy and postpartum is the reluctance of women to openly discuss their feelings due to social stigma. Fear of being judged or shamed often hinders women from seeking the necessary support and treatment. This patent offers a solution by using the wearer's own physiological data to validate their emotions, thereby combatting the associated stigma and encouraging acceptance of medical assistance.

At the heart of this innovation is a wearable ring device, known as the Oura Ring by Oura Health. The ring incorporates green and red LEDs and other sensors distributed around its circumference. These LEDs have distinct advantages when it comes to acquiring physiological data under different conditions, such as during exercise or rest. Additionally, the accessibility of blood vessels in the finger, as opposed to the wrist, strengthens the signals and provides more valuable physiological data.

After analyzing the data collected by the ring, the system can deliver personalized messages and alerts to the user's phone or computer. These notifications serve as gentle reminders for women to prioritize their emotional well-being. By addressing potential distress early on, expecting mothers and new moms can take proactive steps towards seeking the healthcare they may need.

The impact of this patent on the lives of women during pregnancy and postpartum is significant. With early detection of emotional or mental distress, women can receive timely support and treatment, ensuring a healthier and more fulfilling journey into motherhood. The patent's approach empowers women to be more open about their emotional well-being, promoting a society that recognizes and supports mental health during this crucial period.

In envisioning a world where this problem is effectively addressed, the Oura Ring and similar wearable technologies have the potential to become a common tool for expecting mothers and new moms. By effortlessly monitoring their physiological data, women can stay proactive in their self-care and easily identify when they may need extra support. Such innovation ensures that no woman's emotional well-being is overlooked.

Although this patent presents an innovative solution to a critical issue, it is important to note that patent publication does not guarantee its appearance in the market. However, the promising strides made by this patent encourage further research and development in the field of wearable technology for maternal mental health.

P.S. Please be informed that this article is based on a recently published patent and its implementation in real-life scenarios is not guaranteed. The patent number for reference is US20240032836A1.

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