Patent published on October 17, 2023

New Patent Could Make Tile Tracker More Intelligent and Efficient

In today's world where we are laden with multiple gadgets and knick-knacks that are crucial to our day-to-day lives, misplacement is a recurring issue. This problem may soon be a thing of the past with the introduction of a cutting-edge tracking device described in Patent US11792605B2. To put it simply, it's an intelligent device that partners powerfully with your commonplace gizmos such as smartphone or tablet.

Current tracking systems typically lean on the strengths of GPS systems and transceivers. While this works, it quickly drains the battery and results in larger, clunky sensors which are not suitable for tracking smaller items or personal belongings. Moreover, they fail to help find objects that are tucked away within a room or hidden in smaller spaces. This, coupled with the incapability of emitting an alert, makes finding lost objects a hassle and has led to the need for a new, efficient solution.

The patent US11792605B2 solves these issues brilliantly. The patent details a smart tracking device that can be linked with your phone, tablet or even other machines and networks. And the cherry on top — its ability to work in tandem with other similar devices. How does this make a difference? Imagine not just being able to locate where your favorite book is, but also having lighting adjusted to your preference the moment you pick the book up, optimizing your reading experience.

The scenario following the full implementation of this patent paints a picture of seamless convenience. Picture a situation where you've misplaced your car keys. You, or someone you've shared the device control with, can command the tracking device attached to these keys to set off an alarm. The device can even make your phone ring when you can't find it! Imagine going to bed having lost your headphone, only to find it the next morning by following the tune your tracking device is playing.

Furthermore, this technology also has immense potential in improving security by curtailing theft. This device could potentially thwart a thief’s attempt to steal your bag, as any sudden movement might trigger an alarm, startling the thief and drawing attention.

P.S. With all the excitement around this patent, it's important to note that it is, indeed, a patent. As such, there’s no assurance of when it will hit the market. But one thing's for sure – if this tracking device goes from patent to product, it would revolutionize our lives with an added layer of intelligence and efficiency. Our future now promises an interesting mix of interconnected devices, intelligent algorithms, and an extra pair of hidden electronic eyes on our prized possessions.

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