Patent published on October 31, 2023

New Patent: Polaris RIDE COMMAND Might Save Battery on Wearable Devices

Wearable technology has become an integral part of our lives. From daily physical activity tracking, taking calls, and offering real-time directions, smartwatches and other wearable tech are invaluable companions. But there's one problem that haunts every wearable gadget – battery life.

For instance, imagine you're riding your recreational vehicle with your smart helmet on. It seems silly that you keep switching it on when you need it, only to turn it off later to save battery. It's a bit of a hassle, isn’t it? Plus, forgetting to turn off your smart helmet may completely drain the battery, leaving you high and dry when you need it the most.

Well, Polaris Industries seems to have found a solution to this issue and hopped on to patent it. The patent, numbered as US11804208B2, revolves around a very smart yet straightforward concept. The idea is simple - to better manage the power usage of a wearable gadget like a smart helmet.

The crafted solution works around minimizing power wastage and reducing the battery usage of a wearable gadget. The patent has revealed a smart helmet that uses location data and the state of the vehicle to manage its power usage. It automatically powers on or off based on your usage and the device's context. Isn’t that smart?

For example, when you stop your recreational vehicle, the smart helmet, as referred in patent images FIG. 7 through 9, will stop draining the battery, thus preserving more power for when you need it. This comes as a revolutionary solution to the ever-existing battery challenge in wearable gadgets.

The future seems quite promising with this invention. As a result, we may see longer battery lives in wearable gadgets with no manual switches needed. Recreational vehicle enthusiasts can stay connected and enjoy their long rides without worrying about their smart helmet's battery. The technology might also find its way in other wearable gadgets making our transition from the wired to the wireless world smoother.

However, as this is a new patent, we might need to wait a bit before we see this tech on the market shelves. Patents often give us a heads-up on what technology could evolve into, but there isn't any guarantee that it will become commercially available. However, if Polaris decides to introduce this technology, it could be a game-changer in the way we use and charge our wearable gadgets.

P.S. While this system is patented (US11804208B2), no guarantee exists of seeing this exact tech implemented in a real-world product. But if it does, it might just change the world of wearable tech! We'll keep our eyes out for more news on this front.

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