Patent published on September 19, 2023

Patent Promises PRIMAX Controller Could Fit All Hand Sizes

Video game enthusiasts wishing to level up their gaming experience may finally find the solution to their problem in the latest patented invention of Primax Electronics. Its cutting-edge design surfaced recently under patent number US11759703B2, and it brings a unique proposal to the table: an adjustable gaming controller dubbed as the "PRIMAX Adjustable Gaming Controller."

The central issue tackled by Primax Electronics with their new patent is the one-size-fits-all dilemma in gaming controllers. Not every person has the same hand size or finger length. Because of this, a single model or size of a gaming controller may not satisfy everyone's comfort and gaming needs. While some gamers find the grip and structure of the controller non-irritating, others may struggle with awkward angles and ill-fitted hand rest areas, causing poorer game performance or even discomfort during extended play.

PRIMAX Adjustable Gaming Controller, as per the patent information, aims to bring a satisfactory solution to this issue. It encompasses an ingenious design featuring two sliding blocks and special slots. By manipulating screws, users will be able to adjust these blocks, customizing the gaming controller to perfectly suit their grip. This innovative flexibility in design promotes comfort and accommodates various user sizes, offering a more personalized gaming experience through hardware modification.

Once this groundbreaking controller modification becomes mainstream, gamers from all echelons could enjoy more comfortable, lengthier sessions of gaming without worry about strain or fatigue. For instance, consider a situation where a 13-year-old wishes to indulge in hours of playing their favorite video game, but feels deterred due to the unwieldy controller not fitting their smaller hands. With the PRIMAX controller, such hurdles would cease to exist. Another scenario could be of a family gaming night where members with varied hand sizes find the same controller comfortable to use, courtesy of the adjustable blocks.

The idea in PRIMAX's patent is undoubtedly a game-changer for companies aiming to create a universal and accessible gaming environment. Remember, though, as intriguing as this patent may be, there is no guarantee at this stage that it will transfer into a commercial product. The patent, however, definitely showcases a promising avenue for improving user experience in the gaming industry.

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