Patent published on October 17, 2023

Patent Promises to Improve Online Learning with Prof Jim's Animated Platform

In the realm of online learning, the current landscape is cluttered with poorly made courses that fail to engage the student. The crux of the problem lies in static slides minimizing the presence of the speaker, poor lighting that diminishes quality, a lack of expressiveness or connectivity from the speaker, subpar design skills resulting in monotone slides, and often impromptu and less impactful content by speakers. This stifling learning environment left room for innovation, paving the way for patent US11790697B1, aiming to revolutionize this space.

Students were found metaphorically dozing off in front of slides, struggling to follow the teachings. The need for personalized teaching, tailored to each student's individual learning style, has long been a desirable yet elusive goal in education.

The patent was awarded to Prof Jim for his inventive technology that aids speakers in creating engaging online learning videos. The platform's ingenuity is housed in its ability to study videos of people speaking and analyse their expressive fluctuations. This is accomplished by observing multiple points on the face, allowing for the formation of a 'library of facial expressions'. This system holds monumental potential for tackling the issues at hand.

By converting simple texts into engaging 3D animations with a range of facial and hand expressions, this invention promises to close the gap between in-person and online communication in a learning environment. This has the potential to make the lessons more personal and interactive, which in turn, can help retain student attention and bolster their understanding of the topic at hand.

Imagine, in a world post the application of this technology, a teacher looking right at you, making a sad expression while discussing the implications of the Great Depression, or showcasing a radiant smile while narrating the moon landing. This animated interaction is the key to transforming mundane learning experiences into engaging ones. This would lead to retention of information being more effective and learning becomes a more enjoyable activity.

However, despite its potential, it should be made clear that patent US11790697B1 is, at this time, only a patent. It is uncertain whether the technology will become available to the public, although it certainly carries the potential to revolutionize the online learning experience across the globe.

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