Patent published on August 10, 2023

New Heating Solution for Electric Cars: Warm Up with Rancho's Cost-Saving System

In a revolutionary new patent, Rancho Del I.P. reveals its creative solution to a growing problem in the electric car industry - heating. Titled "" (US20230249519A1), this innovative patent details the workings of a special tool that warms up electric cars without draining energy or relying on expensive components. If released, this could be a game-changer in the field of electric vehicles, potentially reducing costs for the consumer.

Existing electric car designs use energy-consuming, cost-intensive parts to maintain ideal temperatures in the vehicle, posing challenges to both manufacture and usage. However, Rancho's patent offers a different approach. This tool uses a technique of flipping a switch halfway on and off, thereby generating heat while maintaining the functioning of the car's motor and its battery charger. This balance ensures that the device can toggle seamlessly between heating and its primary functions like driving the car or charging the battery. It's as simple as that!

The brilliance of this invention lies in its cost-saving methodology. It eschews the pricey resistor-based heating segments commonly found in electric cars, which are typically used to manage temperatures of various aspects like energy storage systems and the vehicle's interior. Instead, this new tool generates heat by using power in a way that can only be described as clever. The device is designed in such a manner that it can act as an electrical resistor to dissipate considerable power levels to produce substantial thermal energy – a byproduct of the process. This warming effect can then be transferred via conduction, convection, or fluid mediums to the necessary vehicle components or compartments.

One of the most astounding aspects of this invention is the level of control it offers. Rancho's system allows continuous command over the amount of heat produced, demonstrating its efficiency and adaptability. Although patent figures range from diagrams of various heating loops in an electric vehicle to examples of isolated drive circuits, one image is clear - this is an invention poised to disrupt the industry in the best way possible.

The possible product incorporating this patented invention would be the "Rancho EV Climate Control System," a fitting name for a tool meant to regulate vehicle temperatures and maintain optimal performance. By cutting back on unnecessary components, the unique system could warm occupants in the car as well as the energy storage system, substantially lowering the cost of electric vehicles. Considering the rising consumer demand for affordable, sustainable automotive solutions, Rancho's invention couldn't have come at a better time.

Although this patent promises impressive advancements in the field, it is important to remember that it's just a patent for now. It holds no guarantees of making its way to the marketplace anytime soon, if at all. However, if it does, it could certainly steer the electric vehicle industry towards cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions.

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