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IYou might have heard lots of stories or watched lots of movies about robots like I, Robot, Ex Machina etc. disclosing robots working in manufacturing facilities where they do general stuff like picking and packaging and some complex ones like testing or assembling minute electronics.

But those are now things of the past. Modern robots are not confined to the manufacturing facilities alone. They are coming out and are solidifying their presence in our day-to-day life in endless ways.

Discussing all applications of robots in a single post will be a bit tough. So, I am showcasing few of them here.

These are the types of robots which you can find in future:

The robots of Moley Robotics have all set to enter into your kitchen. Moley has created the world’s first fully automated robotic kitchen that can chop vegetables, steer soups and can cook more than 2000 delicious recipes without any human assistance.

Not only this, there are few Chinese restaurants using robots to serve food and do dishes. A Japanese hotel has earned the title to be the first hotel to have all-robot staff.

Besides, there are some robots that do home chores like floor dusting, washing. Famous robotic company iRobot has some robots – Braava, Roomba and Scooba – for that task. There are also others that can take care of your kids and pets.

Though this is an area where robots have long standing presence. For example, an auto pilot is a kind of robot that assist a pilot in controlling an aircraft.  But now robots are not limited to aircraft alone. They are assisting a human in small vehicles like cars also.

The robotic chauffeur of Google, that’s loaded with uber cool features, is quite popular already. The ability of car to pick/drop you from anywhere is one such feature among many.

Cars apart, robots will be driving trucks and buses also. Diamler and Mercedes have stepped ahead to produce autonomous heavy vehicles.

Also, there are real robots that can turn into a car or a giant robot just like Transformers. Turkish company Letrons is the reason behind this technology. They explained the need for this technology in its website.

Robots are joining hands with our defense forces to protect our borders. Robots in the future could hold a gun and doing a vigil. There will be smart drones and turrets to avoid human casualties in wars. NATO forces have started using military robots for bomb defusing lately.

Apart from that, there also are robotic fire fighters. They can supply oxygen and extinguish fire from places that, during a fire, become out of reach for humans.

Side note : Recently more than 1000 AI researchers took a sworn to not use AI in “military arm race” and advocated a ban on “offensive autonomous weapons”.

In the healthcare, medical robots will touch jaw-dropping heights. Robots will share the work load of a medical practitioner like never before. The Da Vinci surgical robot is one such robot. Controlled by surgeons, Da Vinci makes sure that everything goes right in an intense surgery.

Forget surgery, Chinese researchers has developed microbots those will make surgery a thing of the past!

These microbots, those are of size of a human cell, can transport drugs straight to the infected parts. This will make treatments full proof and will reduce the chances of surgery failures to zero altogether.

 Apollo-17, in Dec 1972, marked the end to the Apollo program. Thereafter no human crew has flown to or beyond the Moon.

Since then, space robots have been helping human to explore various venues. Curiosity Rover is an epitome of the contribution of robots in the space research.

Needless to say, without Curiosity we wouldn’t have known Mars to the extent that we know today.

In the future, MIT’s robots will let us have a deeper look on the Mars and other solid planets. The hoping microbots of MIT are not bigger than a tennis ball. These will be able to explore deep caves, cracks and lava tubes which still are a mystery.

Today, robots are way more smarter than they were in the past. The recent developments have given self healing and deep learning abilities to robots. They can now learn from their mistakes, walk off injuries, and can share their learning with others.

In the future, robots will become even more smarter. And this will be maintaining the rising trend of their contribution in our day-to-day life.

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