Patent published on August 17, 2023

Making Electric Cars Run Smoother and Longer: Redler Technologies' New Power Tool - the 'Versatile Power Stack Unit'

In the bustling world of electric vehicles, 'Redler Technologies' is looking to smooth the ride for drivers with their newly patented power tool, the "Versatile Power Stack Unit" (VPSU). This game-changing patent, titled US20230261559A1, is all set to take the electric vehicle industry by storm.

The VPSU is designed to lend electric motors, such as those found in electric cars, more efficient control. Its key function is tweaking power levels to ensure a smooth, energy-efficient performance. It's the small adjustments in power that make all the difference, and that's exactly what VPSU aims to do.

But it doesn't stop there. In addition to giving the motor's run a smoother touch, it also upgrades the battery recharging process. A benefit of this enhancement is the elongated lifespan of batteries, improving their performance and longevity.

Designed in a way that multiple units can be used collectively to deliver greater power, the VPSU displays a level of flexibility not commonly found in such technologies. From small to large-scale operations, it paves the way for a variable spectrum of power requirements.

The system coined by Redler Technologies also measures different parameters including battery voltage, temperature, and current output. Such a range of information enables more precise tuning of the operational properties of the VPSU, making it a truly versatile tool.

The use of the VPSU in electric cars illuminates a glaring issue; the 'ripple current.' These are the rapid cycles of power consumption, usually seen between 5 to 30 kHz, triggered by the regular pulse-width modulation (PWM) power signals. The PWM signals are necessary to keep an electric motor running, but they can lead to inefficient power use. The VPSU is designed to tackle this problem head-on.

Primarily, the significant reduction of heat loss resulting from controlling PWM ripple current pulses is a giant leap towards greater efficiency and longer battery life. This novel approach to managing power sources and battery life in electric cars, particularly in electric motor drivers, helps not just to enhance system efficiency but lower costs.

Turning towards the charging aspect, the VPSU also allows for a unique feature: low voltage charging. This means the VPSU enables charging with an external power source of less than or equal to 50V. This is a substantial improvement over traditional systems that typically require high voltage grids for charging.

This groundbreaking invention holds the potential to catapult the electric vehicle industry and similar industries forward in battery efficiency and performance. But like any other patent, whether we'll see this Versatile Power Stack Unit hitting the markets or making its way into electric cars in the future remains uncertain. Still, the potential it dodges makes US20230261559A1 by Redler Technologies a patent worth keeping an eye on in the unfolding electric vehicle landscape.

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