Patent published on October 31, 2023

New Patent Could Revive Weak Batteries - The Battery Resurrection System

Every mobile phone user knows the dread of a dead battery. In this age of ever-increasing technology, the health of our batteries is a constant problem for technology users. Battery conservation is the bane of existence for phone users, electric car owners, and really, anyone who relies on portable electronics. This danse macabre with energy storage has serious implications for the environment as well.

For centuries, we have endured the gloom of drained batteries and the subsequent deployment of expensive resources to replace them. Improper battery management can lead to a shorter lifespan, inefficient performance, and ultimately, increased electronic waste.

However, a new blue-chip patent has provided a beacon of hope to this pervasive issue. The patent, U.S Patent No. US11802916B2, issued to the Battery Resurrection System Company, outlines a 'doctor system' for batteries. It essentially breathes life back into weak batteries, rehabilitating them for extended use.

In simple terms, the patent describes an apparatus that gauges how well a battery can store energy. If the battery is under-performing, the system simply tweaks the charge and checks if this adjustment improved the battery's condition. Isn't that something?

Historically, restoring individual cells in a battery system required complex and costly hardware. Moreover, these antiquated methods also subjected the battery to unfavorable conditions. This has put a huge strain on energy conservation efforts and cost-efficiency.

Now, this patent illustrates a method that seems to break away from these constraints. The shiny new system solves this issue by utilizing a 'rule-of-thumb' of voltage signals while ensuring electronic instrumentation of superior standard, thereby making this invention an efficient alternative.

The invention seeks to weaken 'healthy' cells by taking away some energy. In turn, this energy is used to boost the weaker cells, creating performance equilibrium across the battery. Such a system keeps the average performance of cells the same but reduces imbalance, thus ensuring the health and longevity of batteries.

Picture a world where phone users can breathe easy, unconstrained by the ever-looming fear of their device's untimely demise. Imagine a day where electric car owners won't have to strategically plan their day around charging stations. With this patent, we can visualize an environment with significantly reduced e-waste as more batteries are rehabilitated, and fewer are discarded. Think about how much less anxiety it could bring to our lives, and how much more enjoyment and utility we would derive from our devices.

However, before we start celebrating our newfound liberty from energy constraints, it is important to keep in our mind that this solution is still confined to paper – bound by the chains of patent rights. There's no guarantee that this invention will hit the market. Nonetheless, if realized, this patent could be a game-changer, the first domino in a line of solutions aimed at transforming and enhancing the lifespan and efficiency of our beloved devices.

P.S.: Even though this is a patented invention, its translation into a market-ready product is not guaranteed. Implementation of this technology, if it happens, could take some time to reach the market, so don't throw away your power banks just yet!

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