Patent published on October 10, 2023

Patent Promises Revealit Tech Could Make Identifying Video Content Easier

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, new avenues are being explored to make our lives easier and more connected. Imagine a world where we can extract and identify any object from a video solely based on the audio from that video. Sounds like a page out of a science fiction novel, doesn't it? Yet, it might not be fiction for long as this is exactly the problem being addressed by a new patent (US11783352B2) granted to Revealit.

Watching a movie and captivated by the furniture or the stylish dress worn by the protagonist? Your search for such items often ends in a metrological rabbit hole of internet surfing. The inefficiency and time consumption of this process present quite a challenge for all with one major issue being the inability to identify objects of interest immediately from a video due to a multitude of reasons like placement, distinguishing features, or time constraints.

The granted patent aims to tackle this conundrum by bridging the gap between objects present in the video and their physical or online presence, thereby transforming the way we watch and interact with videos. The patent enables the use of an artificial intelligence-powered video recognition platform Revealit to identify objects in a video stream based on sounds and pitches. In simpler terms, this technology will allow users to instantaneously identify objects in a video by matching particular sounds or pitches to those pre-stored in a database.

This groundbreaking technology promises to significantly enhance the experience of users by not only providing real-time information about objects of interest, but sometimes even making the purchased objects a click away. Imagine watching a cooking show and being able to purchase the exact kitchen appliances being used, or streaming a game and ordering the exact outfit your favourite player is wearing – all in real-time and with absolute ease! This is the world we are stepping towards, courtesy of this patent. It enables a seamless transition from observing to interacting and finally owning the object.

In addition to enhancing user experiences, this patent will foster creativity and innovation in numerous fields. Content creators, designers, and artists will have a new medium of connecting with their audience. More importantly, it will establish a more concrete connection between content creators, advertisers, and consumers making the process more streamlined and interactive.

Users will be able to potentially earn rewards for identifying and tagging objects that the AI misses, creating an opportunity for crowd-sourcing and community involvement. The innovation could extend to develop a blockchain-based micropayment infrastructure, enhancing the growth and reach of cryptocurrency markets.

As enticing as this all sounds, one must remember that this technology is still in the patent stage. While the potential benefits are staggering, it's important to note that there is no assurance when or even if it will hit the market. Until then, we can only imagine the wave of changes this could bring in online user experience and interaction.

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