Patent published on August 29, 2023

"Patent Unveiled for 'Virtual Maestro' to Improve Internet

The battle with Internet noise - cluttered and irrelevant digital content that frustrates users - could be pacified with a patent recently published by Richard Paiz (US11741090B1). The invention, coined as a 'Site rank codex search patterns' system, promises to dramatically enhance individuals' skills to navigate the digital world without getting tangled in the web.

The problem that this patent intends to fix revolves around the vast and messy sphere of digital information. The common issues that users typically face while on the Internet, such as dealing with irrelevant search results, a bombardment of spam and duplicate content, and not being presented with personalized options based on their input, all contribute to a frustrating online experience.

The proposed solution, in very simple terms, is akin to a smart, efficient librarian of the digital realm. This system organizes the chaotic sea of information by assessing inputs and understanding their value and context. It analyses and categorizes the data in ways that will yield relevant, unique, and spam-free search results. This is a major shift from the traditional search engines dependent on Boolean algebra, which often hide optimal results leading to incomplete or irrelevant feedback to user queries.

The world post this problem's solution might very well resemble a conversation with a knowledgeable assistant who understands your requirements accurately. Let's think about a student researching for her project on the American civil war. Instead of manually sifting through loads of information, the system would provide her insights not just on the civil war but all related topics such as 'Robert E. Lee', 'Battle of Gettysburg', and even a computer game simulation of the same! This tailored assistance can be life-altering for many professions like researchers or journalists, constantly swimming in the sea of information. Even for everyday consumers, a precise guide to their queries about their favorite music band or a new smartphone feature could save both time and frustration.

In the commercial realm, the proposed technology can also intelligently identify patterns to offer better results for businesses. For example, if a local New York shoe store wants to maximize its online presence, this patent system can help understand customer search patterns and optimize the business's digital visibility accordingly.

However, it's important to remember that while US11741090B1 holds exciting possibilities, it is a patent - an idea that may or may not see the light of the day in the real world. While we hope for the best, only time will tell if this virtual librarian will alleviate our digital woes or remain just an unfulfilled promise.

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