Patent published on December 7, 2023

Patent Promises Better Product Launches with 'Digital Launch Platform'

In an effort to transform the landscape of product launches, a novel invention entitled "Digital Launch Platform Methods and Devices," coded under patent number US20230394533A1, occurs to help stakeholders find their target markets easier with the help of technology. The patent aims to solve a longstanding problem which marketers have faced - the ability to define who might be interested in their new product and how to efficiently reach out to them.

These issues are more common than you might think, especially in the disjointed world we live in with a plethora of social media and online platforms available. This hampers seamless and targeted product advertisement and often results in a lack of order, ultimately leading to wastage of resources.

Furthermore, the delivery process poses additional challenges. Ensuring the products reach their buyers smoothly is crucial, but the scattered delivery methods and plans often turn this into a Herculean task. What happens when you can't find the delivery address, or perhaps, the buyer isn't home to collect their product?

This is where the patent for 'Digital Launch Platform Methods and Devices' falls into place. This ingenious system is a coordinated strategy that amalgamates customer preferences, advertisement plans, and delivery systems. It harnesses customer data to uncover potential buyers and strategize the product launch accordingly.

The patent works by utilizing a computer system that analyses what people like to buy and how they buy. It then creates an advertising blueprint, reaching potential consumers through various social media platforms across all devices. When the interest is piqued and the customer decides to order, the system guides the buying process, takes payments, and assists in the delivery, either via lockers, drones or to the customer's location using GPS.

Imagine rolling out a product and knowing exactly who to target, where to reach them, and how to ship the product to them. Simplifying this convoluted and error-prone process paves the way for error-free, efficient product launches going forward. For instance, a CBD cosmetics company can use this system to identify potential buyers based on previous purchases or expressed interest, advertise the product through selected social media outlets used by potential consumers, and ensure the product is delivered in a hassle-free manner.

However, it's prudent to remember that while the New York Times has reported on this patent, there is no guarantee the invention will find its way to the market. As with any patent, it represents an idea that has been legally recognized, but not necessarily a final product ready for consumers.

P.S. - Please note that even though this is an approved patent, the actual product or method may not be commercially available in the market soon or ever. This article is an analysis of the concept and how it could theoretically reshape the world of product marketing if implemented as described.

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