Patent published on August 29, 2023

Rovi Guides' Patent Could Aid Game Storage Woes

Whether you're an avid gamer or indulging casually, we've all faced the frustrating issue of ever-increasing storage needs for our video game content. For the gamers out there, you would understand the hassle and confusion that ensues due to the massive amount of content made available. Patent US11738276B2, filed by Rovi Guides, presents an ingenious solution to these woes.

Considering modern gaming servers, they handle multiple videos uploaded by users on a regular basis. These videos could be from gamers sharing their gameplay, tutorials, or other helpful content. Needless to say, it becomes a daunting task for the server to process and store these videos, even before determining if the video is helpful or effective as a tutorial. The excessive storage often leads to sluggish servers and possible loss of enjoyable gaming performance.

Addressing this problem, Rovi Guides plans to combat this issue using a unique method outlined in their patent. The idea is straightforward yet innovative: it involves recording a video of a player's game performance on a particular level. The system then checks if this performance is the player's best on that level. If it's not their best, the system deletes the video to save storage. This efficient system consequently limits the unnecessary accumulation of content, thus alleviating the pressure on gaming servers.

If implemented, this could revolutionize how gaming servers and users manage storage. Imagine finishing a difficult level flawlessly and having that video available for other gamers who may be struggling with the same level. Or perhaps, after a heated gaming session, your system automatically clears out non-impressive videos, freeing up space for other activities. These are just some of the real-life applications this patent could offer if realized.

But, as always with patents and future technology, there's a degree of uncertainty. Whether and how this patented method will be brought to market remains to be seen. Here's hoping we get to see this groundbreaking change in our gaming world soon!

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