Patent published on September 12, 2023

New Patent Could Let TiVo Experience Craft Personalized Messages for Friends

On many occasions, while in the midst of the fast-paced world we live in, individualistic communication falls to the wayside. The problem at hand? The loss of personalization in the way we message our friends and loved ones. The generic nature of texts we dispatch, such as the ubiquitous “Happy New Year” or “Merry Christmas” is a testament to this. And it's not our fault entirely. We're often pressed for time or simply lack the patience to customize each message.

This is where patent No. US11758371B2, ingeniously titled "Systems and methods for personalizing messages based on a recipient's relationship," shows promise of bringing the solution. This patented technology suggests a smart messaging system that draws from past texts, emails, or social media posts to tailor-make messages for each friend.

Working like your personal messaging assistant, this system could be a game-changer, putting an end to the monotony of impersonal broadcast or multicast messages. Imagine getting a birthday message that not only wishes you but also reminiscences an old birthday memory. Or, receiving a congratulatory text on a promotion that also recalls your journey from day one. This patent brings a step forward towards injecting personality back into our digital correspondence.

As we move forward, moments of hasty cues to wish someone or send a group message could be revolutionized by this patent. Future social correspondence seems exciting with friendly, warm, engaging, and personalized messages. When the patent steps out of paper into practice, it could be incorporated across various digital platforms, changing the way we communicate.

However, do remember that we are talking about the realm of patents. An area where the distance between idea and execution often turns out to be a long-winded path. The patent sheds innovative light on personal communication, but only time will tell if it finds its way into our devices and messaging systems.

P.S.: As a reminder to all readers, though this is an officially patented technology (Patent No. US11758371B2), there is no guarantee that it will find its way into the market or our everyday tech-life.

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