Patent published on July 27, 2023

Samsung Display Unveils Innovative Display Device with Enhanced Color Conversion

Samsung has unveiled an innovative display device with enhanced color conversion capabilities that could revolutionize the way we view images.

The display device, developed by Samsung Display Co., is the result of a patent (US20230240097A1) recently submitted to the Korean Intellectual Property Office. It has a display portion, a color converting portion, and a sealant to bond them together.

The color converting portion has a substrate, a bank with an opening, a color converting layer in the opening, and a pattern between the bank and sealant. The pattern is thinner at the edge of the color converting portion. This design helps reduce light loss and improve color reproducibility.

The technology used in the display device could revolutionize the way images are viewed. For example, it could be used to create more vivid and accurate images on televisions, computer monitors, and mobile devices. It could also be used to create more realistic images in virtual reality and augmented reality applications.

The technology could also help improve the accuracy and speed of facial recognition technology. By using the color converting layer, facial recognition algorithms could be more accurate in recognizing faces in different lighting situations.

The color converting layer could also be used to help create more vibrant and accurate images on digital cameras. This could help photographers capture more accurate colors and details in their photos.

Samsung has not yet announced when the technology will be available in the market, but it is definitely an exciting development in display technology. The possibilities are endless for what this technology could be used for, and it is possible that it could revolutionize the way we view images.

The patent (US20230240097A1) that Samsung has submitted could open up a whole new world of possibilities in display technology. However, there is no guarantee that the technology will make it to the market, so it is important to remember that these possibilities are only theoretical.

It is clear that Samsung Display Co. is pushing the boundaries of display technology with this display device. It could potentially revolutionize the way we view images, and it is an exciting development that could have far-reaching implications for the display industry.

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