Patent published on November 9, 2023

Samsung's New Patent Could Make Home Workouts Easier with Samsung Health

In the age where staying fit is not just a fad but a necessity, keeping track of personal health data during workouts has remained a challenge. Electronic devices play a huge role in providing home workout content with audio guides and subtitles, yet their effectiveness in tracking the individual’s workout journey and changes in biological information has been under debate.

This complication has triggered Samsung Electronics Co., through its recent patent (US20230356028A1), titled "Workout Image Display Method and Electronic Device", to construct a solution that attempts to modify the way we perceive and complete home workout regimes.

Often individuals embarking on a workout journey meet roadblocks when they aren't exactly sure what workouts are best for them - this is where Samsung’s new patent swoops in. The essence of this patent is a device that could run an exercise application, determine the user’s current exercise regime, and accordingly display a detailed regimen. The device can also connect itself to other gadgets, combining all available data to craft an incredibly detailed and personalized exercise plan.

But what seems to be the most intriguing part of this new patent is how it would make the world a fitter place. Imagine being a new mother wishing to shed your post-pregnancy weight. Each day, you grab your Samsung device and it connects with your other exercise devices, from your fitness wearable to your smart scale, and even your smart fridge. Your data from these devices is gathered by the application, which then provides a uniquely tailored workout plan that considers your current physique, diet, and daily routine. No more confusion of which video workout to follow, saving both your time and effort.

Despite the promising solution proposed by this patent, it is important to note that patents are only a blueprint to what may come ahead in the market. Often, numerous patents don't transform into tangible products serving consumers. Therefore, while we remain hopeful for this smart exercising solution embodied in Samsung's patent, there's no certainty of it hitting the market soon.

Samsung's patent promises personal, convenient, and smart home workouts. The buzz of this innovation has given fitness enthusiasts another reason to stay excited. If successfully developed and launched, it could definitely be a game-changer in the world of fitness technology.

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