Patent published on August 17, 2023

Samsung's Premiere Projector: A Smart Lighting Machine that Adjusts Picture Brightness Automatically

Samsung Electronics Company recently acquired a new patent, US20230260434A1, that is hoping to revolutionize viewing experiences. Imagine a machine, specifically a projector, that can adjust the brightness of an image according to the environment it is in. Meet Samsung's latest invention, "The Premiere Projector", a gem of technology that promises to deliver enhanced images.

Imagine having a movie night or a football game streamed on your wall. In the past, you might have to occasionally adjust the brightness of the projection due to various reasons - the sunlight seeping in through the window, or maybe the room lights that were too bright or too dim. Either way, the image quality was sometimes less than optimal. Now, you don't have to worry about that. Samsung's Premiere Projector does the job for you.

By owning this patent, Samsung may have solved a problem many of us encounter but hardly realize. It really enhances the simplicity and charm of using projectors, aiming to increase its overall use.

The technology behind this patent involves using the projector's light source not only to display the image but also to control the ambient light which might interfere with the image quality. In other words, the projector will read the light levels in your room and use its own light to balance the brightness, giving you a better, clearer image.

The diagrams in the patent provide further details on this. Right from showcasing the exterior of the electronic apparatus to explaining the multiple functioning modes of the projector, these figures leave no stone unturned.

This new technology includes not only smart functions, but also an alarm function and it even offers various lighting modes. It utilizes LED devices for outputting light. So, you can potentially have a different color backdrop for Sunday Night Football, than for your Friday night horror movie marathon. The device will come with a user interface to control the color and image of the light being output.

However, it is important to note that this is just a patent. Samsung owns the rights but there is no guaranteed timeline or promise for when, or if, you'll ever see this technology on a market shelf near you. Patents often serve as a sneak-peek into what the company is thinking, brainstorming, or even focusing on. But beyond that, it is a waiting game for the consumers.

Samsung's patent US20230260434A1 illustrates a potential step in bringing easier, more convenient, and enjoyable image viewing into our homes. We all wait in anticipation to see if and when this dream becomes a reality.

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