Patent published on May 21, 2024

Samsung's Smart Projector Patent Solves Image Distortion Problem

A recently published patent by Samsung Electronics Co., titled "Electronic Apparatus and Controlling Method Thereof" (patent number: US11991484B2), introduces a groundbreaking solution to the problem of image distortion in projectors. This innovative patent addresses an issue commonly experienced when projecting images onto surfaces that are not flat, resulting in image distortion and inconvenience for users.

The core problem that the patent aims to solve is the distortion that occurs when an image is projected over multiple areas that are not aligned. Currently, when a projector is used over different surfaces, such as the front surface or side surface, image distortion becomes a significant concern. Existing correction methods that reduce the image size can lead to excessively small images, while manual adjustments by users are often imprecise and inconvenient.

The patent presents an electronic apparatus that employs advanced technology to overcome these challenges. The device incorporates a memory for storing images, a sensor to measure the distance between the projector and the surface, and a lens for accurately projecting the image onto the surface. Notably, the electronic apparatus features a built-in computer that can determine the appropriate image size and adjust the lens accordingly, compensating for the surface irregularities and preventing distortion.

Once this problem is solved, the world of projection technology will witness significant improvements. Users will be able to project images seamlessly onto various surfaces, regardless of their shape or irregularities. Imagine projecting a family photo onto a curved wall without any distortion or displaying a presentation on a non-flat surface during a business meeting. The possibilities are endless and will revolutionize the way people interact with projection devices.

Moreover, this smart projector technology can also offer additional functionalities thanks to the device's intelligent capabilities provided by the processor. The patent mentions the ability to perform various smart functions, further enhancing the user experience.

While this patent showcases a promising solution to image distortion in projectors, it is essential to note that being a patent does not guarantee its availability in the market. Further development, testing, and potential licensing agreements will determine whether this technology will be commercially accessible.

In conclusion, Samsung's recently published patent offers a groundbreaking solution to the problem of image distortion in projectors. By accurately adjusting the image size and compensating for surface irregularities, this smart projector technology promises a seamless projection experience on various surfaces. Although the market availability of this technology is uncertain, its potential impact on projection technology is undoubtedly noteworthy.

P.S. It is important to highlight that this article is based on a patent and does not guarantee the appearance of this technology in the market.

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