Patent published on April 27, 2017

Samsung finds another way to unlock a smartphone – Is it cool? Well, You Decide!

This year Samsung achieved another feat by launching a smartphone with iris scanner. What A Future readers knew it already as we covered the possibility in the past articles.

We’ve seen multiple patents from Samsung on unlocking smartphones – weird as well as cool. The cool one was Iris scanning method – the one in Galaxy S8.

I think you also want to know about the weird one, too. Here is one: a patent by Samsung to unlock a smartphone using taste sensations.

And Samsung seems like having no plan to stop. When I thought there couldn’t be any more ways to unlock a smartphone, I came across another patent. This time, it uses images.

This new method is similar to picture password of Windows 8. You can select multiple pictures to be shown on lock screen and choosing the right one will unlock your phone.

I know it sounds like a weak way of unlocking but you know what it, really, is impressive. It has multiple layers that make it better.

The first step involves selecting right picture; the second involves drawing a line or tapping on the unlocking area of an image.

new unlocking method

Is that it? No, my friend! Keep reading:

The patent mentions additional steps to strengthen security where you can set a security question. Thus, first you will select an image among many, and then you will tap on an unlocking area followed by answering a security question.

two step password

high strength password

Do you know? : Samsung also has a method to unlock your smartphone using your heartbeat

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