Patent published on August 10, 2023

Sleep Tight with Samsung's New Smart Home System: Samsung SmartThings Hub Controls Home Devices Based on Your Sleep

Sound sleep, a priceless luxury for many, might soon be within the grasp of your fingertips, thanks to an advancement in smart home technology by Samsung Electronics Co. The technology giant has recently gained a patent, No. US20230254178A1, for an innovative system that proposes to bring harmony between the physical state of the home residents and the operations of in-home devices.

Labeled as a "server for controlling a home network based on sleep states of users," the patent outlines a system that syncs your home devices to your sleep schedule. In layman's terms, it's akin to having a virtual housekeeper that not only ensures all gadgets are running smoothly but also knows when it's your sleep time and adjusts the home environment accordingly.

At the core of this invention is the Samsung SmartThings Hub. This existing product could be imbued with new powers if the patented system comes into play. Rather than merely handling digital commands, it would be able to respond to the physical conditions around—with a special focus on the sleep state of inhabitants.

The fundamentals of this patented system lie in the ability to detect when it's time for bed and whether a person is actually sleeping. Upon reaching the determined bedtime and confirming that the occupants are asleep, the system then communicates with other devices in the house to align their operations with the users' sleep.

The potential benefits of such a system can be transformative for many. Imagine getting ready for bed, and as soon as you drift off to sleep, the lights dim, the thermostat adjusts the temperature, and your sound system begins to play soothing sounds, all without you lifting a finger. It's the science of sleep enhanced with technology.

According to the patent details, this smart home control system could even be personalized for each user, making sure that the environment is suitable for everyone's sleep comfort. You might prefer a cooler room; your partner might like a hint of lavender scent—you both get what your sleep needs.

However, there is one important point to remember. Patents are an important part of a company's innovation journey, but not all patented inventions see the light of day as a market-ready product. It remains to be seen whether Samsung's new invention will graduate from patent documents to the homes of users, enhancing our sleep environment and lending new meaning to the words "Sleep Tight."

Until then, possibilities of pleasant dreams will fuse seamlessly with the reality of innovation at every bedtime, bringing a different kind of midnight magic into the lives of dreamers and insomniacs alike. Samsung's patented innovation stands as a testament to the future of technology—touching lives even in our sleep.

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