Patent published on April 28, 2016

Samsung: Wave Your Hand to Wake Up Your Smartphone

It is normal to recharge (or replace) smartphone batteries at least once or more times a day. Similarly, smartphone battery appears to drain over night, when smartphone is idle.

Sending smartphone to sleep mode is a good option to save power. However, users generally find inconvenience in pressing or holding power button to activate/convert the device from a sleep mode back to a normal operating mode.

Samsung has recently filed a patent application regarding waking up a device from sleep mode without pressing or holding any key by incorporating interrupting sensors.

Samsung is going to make their smartphone return to the operating mode by mere a wave of hands, or by shaking. It is capable of returning to operating mode when interrupting sensors will sense a sound level going above a predefined level. Yell wake up in front of your smartphone and it will follow your orders. Isn’t it something interesting?

According to the patent application of Samsung, the interrupt sensor operates at ultra-low power levels when the device will be in sleep mode. When the sensor will sense an interrupting signal, it will send that signal to sub processor.

The sub-processor determines whether data sent by interrupt sensor is valid by comparing the data value with a predefined value. When the value is valid, it will wake up the phone. Polling sensor can be optionally included so that when the mobile device is placed in a case or bag, the interrupt sensor does not unintentionally operate.

In nutshell, your phone will be sent to operating mode when you will wave, approach your phone to pick up it from table, while removing it from pockets, just by a rotation, by a simple shake, by squeezing  your smartphone and similar simple methods.

You must have observed that your smartphone batteries go low even in power saving mode. In sleep mode sub processor works which consumes less energy than main processor.

Now in this technique, the sub processor will also be sent to sleep mode and only interrupting sensors will be working and they consumes less energy than sub processor. For example, an interrupt sensor consumes at 317.5 uA of current while the sub-processor consumes about 3.2 mA.

Therefore, Samsung is not only working towards improving our convenience but also saving power. Now this is really going to get interesting in future.

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