Patent published on July 25, 2023

Samsung's Wearable Device Introduces Interactive Icon Display Innovation

We all know that Samsung is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. They are always coming up with new ideas and technologies, and that’s why they’re so successful. Recently, Samsung Electronics Co. just revealed a new patent that introduces a truly innovative way to interact with icons on a wearable device.

The patent, numbered US11711694B2, describes a method for displaying icons in circles. The largest icon is placed in the center, and the smaller ones around it. When you touch the display, the icons move, with the largest one moving away from the center and the smallest one moving to the center and getting bigger. It’s a very simple concept, but it could lead to some great user experiences.

This patent has its roots in a few previous ones. It is a continuation application of prior application numbers 16/585,958, 16/413,074, 15/474,212, 14/101,727, and 10-2012-0143064, 10-2013-0001235, 10-2013-0001820, and 10-2013-0141955, all filed in the Korean Intellectual Property Office. This shows that Samsung has been working on this patent for a long time, and they’ve finally achieved success.

So how could this technology be used in the real world? Well, the possibilities are endless. For starters, the interactive icon display could be used to make controlling a wearable device easier and more intuitive. Instead of having to scroll through menus, you could just touch the display and the icons would move to indicate what you’re selecting. This would make using a wearable device much simpler and faster.

Another potential use for this technology is in gaming. Imagine playing a game on your wearable device where the icons actually move around the screen when you touch them. It would certainly make the gaming experience much more immersive and engaging.

At the moment, however, this patent is just that – a patent. There’s no guarantee that Samsung will actually bring it to the market, or even if the technology will work as described in the patent. Still, it’s an exciting glimpse into what the future of wearable devices could look like.

Samsung has always been a leader in innovation, and this patent demonstrates why. It’s a simple concept, but one that could have a big impact on the way we use wearable devices. We’ll just have to wait and see if this technology actually makes it to the market, but it’s certainly an exciting prospect.

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