Patent published on October 19, 2023

Samuel Brooks Bags Patent: Experience App Could Stop Fake Reviews

In a significant development well-suited for our digital age, a recently granted patent, US20230334536A1, is attempting to eliminate a persistent and often overlooked online menace: fraudulent reviews. The issue at hand arises from online reviewing platforms such as Yelp, Google, Facebook, and many more, where unverified individuals can post reviews about a product or service. These platforms are home to many false reviews, be they positive or inflated compliments from friends or owners of establishments, or undeserved negative feedback, tarnishing the reputation of genuine businesses.

The problem is that these deceitful reviews are skewing the perceived images of these venues, causing challenges for consumers who seek an authentic insight into a service or product. The dilemma extends to not being able to correctly evaluate the atmosphere of a place, like a restaurant or a club, which could be lively or disappointing than the reviews suggest.

Fortunately, an intervention comes in the form of a patent titled "Computer-Implemented Application for Real Time, Authentic Reviews of Venues and Additional Modes." The essence of this invention is a user-friendly app that allows consumers to rate venues such as shops or eateries. However, what sets this app apart is its authenticating process. It verifies your presence at the place you're reviewing using advanced technology like Bluetooth. This feature prevents people from fabricating reviews about a location they've never visited, providing more reliable and trustworthy feedback to the user perusing the reviews.

Not just that, this innovative app also showcases other users' reviews who are in the vicinity, giving users an immediate idea about the atmosphere of the place. The app goes the extra mile as it can even give tailored suggestions based on your preferences, by learning from the likes and dislikes of others.

The implementation of this patent could revolutionize the world of online reviews. Both local and international consumers would be able to trust reviews more confidently and make informed decisions. Suppose you're planning to visit a coffee shop around the corner. In that case, you'll be able to quickly view the recent reviews from verified visiting patrons, ensuring you know exactly what kind of environment and service you're walking into.

There's no doubt that businesses and consumers everywhere would relish this level of authenticity and accuracy in online reviews. Importantly, the patent invention aims to reduce review site fraud, significantly limiting the chance of making misleading reviews, whether negative or positive.

On a closing note, despite the promising aspects of the patent, it's valuable to remember that obtained patents do not automatically mean that they will become commercially available. But should this inventive approach to managing online reviews hit the market, it could represent a significant leap forward in maintaining the authenticity of online reviews, benefiting businesses and consumers alike.

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