Patent published on August 3, 2023

Transforming Mobile Phone Experience: A Patent by Sang Chul KWON

Technology is constantly evolving, and this evolution is changing the way we use our mobile phones. In recent years, mobile phones have become more than just a tool for communication; they have become a personal assistant, a gaming platform, and a source of entertainment. To make these devices even more useful, inventors have been looking for ways to improve their design and usability.

One such inventor is Sang Chul KWON, who has recently patented a groundbreaking new method for using a mobile phone with two displays. This revolutionary new design would make it possible to select a few icons from one display and have each icon appear in its own space on the second display. This could potentially revolutionize how people interact with their phones by making it easier, faster, and more intuitive to access the apps and information they need.

The patent, which has been assigned patent number US20230247120A1, takes a unique approach to the design of the mobile phone. Instead of having two separate displays, this design brings them together on a single device. The two displays are connected by a hinge, allowing them to be folded together like a book. This allows the user to switch quickly between the two displays without having to open and close the device each time.

The first display is used for navigation. The icons on this display are arranged in a grid, making it easy to select the app or information you want to access. The second display is used to display the content associated with the selected icon. For example, if the user selects a web browser icon, the second display would open the web browser on that display.

This design has the potential to greatly improve the user experience on mobile phones. It would make it easier for users to access the apps and information they need, without having to constantly switch between multiple screens. It could also reduce the amount of time people spend scrolling and swiping through multiple apps and menus.

The patent also mentions a few other features, such as a pressure-sensitive display and a biometric recognition system. These features could add even more convenience to the device, allowing users to quickly access their information with the touch of a finger.

The revolutionary design described in the patent is only a concept and it is uncertain whether it will ever reach the market. However, the patent does provide an interesting glimpse into where the future of mobile phones may be headed. With advances in technology, it is possible that phones with multiple displays may become the norm in the future.

Sang Chul KWON's patent is an interesting example of how technology is transforming the way we use our mobile phones. It may never become a reality, but it does provide an exciting glimpse into the possibilities of the future. Whatever the outcome may be, the mobile phone experience is changing and it is exciting to see where this new technology may take us.

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