Patent published on November 7, 2023

New Patent Could Make Distance Feel Closer With Enhanced Device

In today's world where technology reigns supreme, nothing is outside the realm of possibility. A revolutionary patent, coined as "Systems, methods, and apparatus for enhanced peripherals," with the patent number US11809642B2, issued by the prestigious SCIENCE HOUSE, aims to push boundaries by allowing two people, regardless of how many miles apart they may be, to share an experience as if they're right next to each other.

This patent builds on the premise of making a daunting, and indeed complex problem feel minuscule. The problem at hand? The degraded functionality of peripheral devices, like a mouse or a keyboard, losing sensitivity to user input leading to a frustrating user experience. A button may stop registering input. A speaker may lose the ability to emit sounds, or a display screen may go dark. This degradation of functionality can cause operational delays, inefficiency and, not to mention, increased frustration.

Additionally, the issue of late meeting participants can cause undue stress and disruption. Ordering food delivery during these instances can also become a complicated process, entailing tracking down participants' food choices, last-minute order changes, and missed food selections.

The solution proposed by the patent treads the path of innovation. It includes a mouse and keyboard doubling as information outputting sources, incorporating LED lights, display screens or speakers. Essentially, the device understands what one person is doing or feeling using their devices and then recreates that same experience for the other person.

Think about the world we would live in post the successful implementation of this patent. The benefits here aren't just for the users but for businesses too. Parent and child could play a game together as a single character, rather than competing. Users could feel each other's gestures, and meetings wouldn't be late again. The food-ordering chaos in meetings will become a thing of past, bridging the gap and making work from home more comfortable and efficient.

But despite the potential benefits that this patent presents, it is essential to remember one crucial point. As with any patent, it signifies an area of potential innovation and is not a guarantee of a product's appearance on the market.

P.S. The figures given along with this patent give an insight into how this new technology could work, illustrating the immense potential of the world we might be creating with it.

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