Patent published on July 27, 2023

Advanced Authentication Device with Enhanced Security by Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co.

As the world of technology advances, more and more companies are looking for ways to keep their customers’ information secure. Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co. has recently come up with a revolutionary patent (US20230237831A1) that might take authentication to the next level.

The patent details a secure electronic device that is capable of capturing an image of a target object and using it to authenticate the user. The device also has a sensor to detect whether it is attached to a living body or an object. This authentication technology could potentially revolutionize the way we secure our data and personal information.

The device consists of several components, including a display, a light-receiving element, a sensor, and an authentication portion. The display allows the device to show the target object image, while the light-receiving element captures the image of the target object. The sensor is used to detect when the device is attached to a living body or an object. Lastly, the authentication portion verifies the user’s identity by comparing the target object image with the image stored in the device.

This authentication device could be used in a variety of ways. For example, it could be used as an additional layer of security in a mobile phone or laptop. It could also be used to secure access to sensitive documents or databases. Moreover, it could even be used to replace traditional methods of authentication, such as passwords and PIN numbers.

Additionally, this authentication device could be an invaluable tool for companies that wish to protect their intellectual property. By using this device to authenticate users, companies could ensure that only authorized personnel have access to their confidential information.

Overall, Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co. has developed a patent (US20230237831A1) that could drastically improve the security of our personal and corporate data. While there is no guarantee that this patent will make it to the market, it is certainly an exciting development that could revolutionize authentication technology as we know it.

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