Patent published on August 17, 2023

Shokz OpenRun Pro: New Sound Device That Lowers Loud Noises for Better Listening Experience

Introducing a new invention that aims to revamp the listening experience - a unique sound device recently documented in patent US20230262377A1. Devised by the Shenzhen Shokz Co., the creators of popular product Shokz OpenRun Pro, this invention showcases a special iteration of an acoustic device with impressive features.

This distinct sound gadget boasts three key parts, namely a speaker section, a sound-catching part, and a flexible segment connecting the two. The ingenious design facilitates a reduction in loud noises by at least 35% as sound waves travel from the speaker to the receiver. In simple terms, this device absorbs some of the loudness, making the sound gentler on your ears.

Acoustic devices of this kind have more traditionally been employed in gadgets like headphones or glasses. However, they have been plagued by several issues, primarily their bulky size and easily damaged connections. This new invention is promising a solution to these troubling complications.

This sound device is proposed to enhance both the stability and reliability of the machinery, promising an improved and more comfortable user experience. The sound receiver assembly is designed to rotate relative to the speaker assembly. This innovative approach is aimed at enhancing the sound's clarity and quality by minimizing input vibrations while ensuring a consistently superior user experience.

The rotation of the sound-catching part is carefully designed to strengthen the overall structure and longevity of the device. The assembly, made detachable for easy repair or replacement, is fixated in a particular way to avoid frequent positional changes, enhancing the integrity of the connection over time.

The invention has been illustrated comprehensively with technical drawings, displaying everything from the communication system of the device to the individual components and their assembly process.

In terms of production, the creation of this new sound gadget also stands to reduce manufacturing difficulty and cost. This is mainly due to the cleverly designed structure, which optimizes space and minimizes the gadget's overall volume.

While it's worth noting that a patent is not a guarantee for a product hitting the market, the introduction of such an inventive solution demonstrates the continued advancements we're witnessing in the acoustics sphere. Therefore, it will be interesting to monitor Shenzhen Shokz Co.'s moves in the coming months - whether the benefits outlined in this patent come to fruition in the company's future products remains to be seen.

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